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I'm gonna implement this into my current vegan style. I've been wanting to actually. Vegetables for Breakfast. Totally suits me. Great book. One I'll use daily despite finishing it. Read it again in January of Wanna try more than half of the recipes in the back. Hope I can meet Chef AJ someday. Jun 22, Tammy rated it liked it. This book is meant for people who are food addicts, but I think it has some really great tips and guidelines for those people who want to lose weight and eat healthier.

Many of the recipes looks really good and easy to prepare, also. May 14, Paulla rated it it was amazing. I have followed Chef AJ for a while now and have been anxiously awaiting the release of this book. I was not disappointed. I have finished the book and am now reading a second time! Chef AJ tells how to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

In this book she tells you what people learn in her weight loss program Ultimate Weight Loss. May 24, Sommer Wilder rated it it was amazing. I have another 30lbs. Calorie density really does work! I highly recommend this book for you to get your health on track. Premise: Follow a whole food, plant-based diet free of oil, salt, sugar, flour, alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods -- and then you'll lose weight. Thoughts: I support plant-based diets I generally follow one , and I believe that a plant-based diet is the most healthful diet to follow.

Chef AJ has good tips in here for anyone struggling with adopting a plant-based diet, and some good information regarding calorie density. Her book is easy to read and easy to follow. I liked her "ten commandments" near the end. However, I generally would not recommend this book to people because it is so extreme. The program by its terms is already extreme. As for going to restaurants with friends, she generally says to avoid it, eat at home before going out, or bring your own food.

She recommends not using too many spices on food, because food should be "boring. These authors also don't seem to understand that there is a healthy way to find joy in eating.

Myth 1: ‘I eat only 1,000 kcal a day, but I don’t lose weight’

If I tried to follow this book to the letter, I would be riddled with anxiety about dealing with social situations. In my opinion, this approach doesn't set people up for success, and I don't even think that such a rigid, restrictive, and controlling mindset is healthy or helpful in the long run. That being said, I'm not overweight and I've never worked with overweight people in any sort of professional capacity, so maybe I'm not the target audience for this book.

It's just too extreme for my preference. The book is also repetitive and could have been quite a bit shorter. While there is nothing startlingly new about Chef AJ's recommendations, the way she has structured a day of eating and her recipes make for a low-stress way of accomplishing whole food, plant-based eating. This is important to me right now. I want to lose weight and get healthier.

I want to eat more whole plants. But I don't want to think about it too hard. I have other things I want to think about. By structuring eating as "eat only foods that appear on the left of the red line" and eat those i While there is nothing startlingly new about Chef AJ's recommendations, the way she has structured a day of eating and her recipes make for a low-stress way of accomplishing whole food, plant-based eating. By structuring eating as "eat only foods that appear on the left of the red line" and eat those in order it makes it a conceptually easy approach. Veggies for breakfast is also a good way to get the veggies before life distracts me.

So far, I can stick to this without paying too much attention. Her recipes are similarly fast, easy and tasty. Jun 19, Liisa rated it it was amazing. It seems to be working. I couldn't figure out how to eliminate bread, but she has recipes for fulfilling my bread needs with other things--potatoes, for example.

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I also have been using dates in a salad dressing, but I see that she substitutes pears, and I think that will work All in all, this book seems to provide solutions. Aug 29, Julia rated it really liked it. If you are willing to become radically committed to stop using food as entertainment, and refuse to allow food bullies to influence what you eat, this book will teach you how to regain glowing heath and vitality. You will choose to eat the foods you were created to thrive on, and lose your cravings for the food-like substances that have made you sick and overweight.

Aug 21, Torrie rated it it was amazing. Amazing, love Chef AJ first of all and the recipes are wonderful! She is down to earth and tells you the truth. It is nice to hear about food addiction from somebody who has lived it and conquered it first hand!!! I own both of her books and keep them close to me at all times for reference and guidance.

Sep 05, West Hartford Public Library rated it really liked it Shelves: adult-summer-readingreviews. It teaches about calorie density while she shares her life long battle and success with weight loss. She also tells her life story and is relatable for anyone who has struggled with their weight.

Mar 07, Rachael Stout rated it it was amazing Shelves: diet. I was looking for a way to cook more variety as a Vegan, and happily stumbled across Chef AJ on Youtube. This book is amazing- the VFB method is a lifesaver. I also loved her 'potato test' to see if you were hungry.

20 people who lost more than 100 pounds share their secret to success

I have only tried a few recipes so far, but they have all been great. Jun 18, Amy rated it it was amazing. Such a great book! May 06, Sherrie rated it it was amazing. I love this pic of her 12 Syn cuppa and bowl of treats. Just 6 Syns and they seem to last a long time. Go us! Go glam, girl! Putting on my VE Day party clothes was so much more fun without the extra weight on my tummy.

Shirt dress, heels and victory rolls in my hair. When my little girl told me I looked pretty it made my heart melt — all the saying no to cake and biccies was suddenly worth it. I topped it with my latest addiction, capers and added a few sliced pitted olives. TIP Add a squeeze of lemon or balsamic vinegar if your tomatoes are a little tart.

I also poached the chicken in stock for extra succulence and flavour to compensate for no added oil. I now call it my Slimming World noodles. TIP Leftover salmon or chicken tastes brilliant with soy and ginger with lots of fresh coriander and chilli to boost the flavour — and for no Syns! Cook in stock or for 2 Syns use a pack of miso soup. Hangover breakfasts of bacon and eggs and filling up on stodgy pasta is OK on Slimming World, but I made rice pud for the family with clotted cream and tortured myself with it all day!!

The girls came round to mine this time. We read Never Far From Nowhere, by Andrea Levy — it had mixed reviews…but we ate yummy cherry tomatoes stuffed with crab and smoked salmon and dill pate from the new Slimming World Little Book of Summer. That 1. So I was really pleased to be given a tomato feature to test. My Slimming World knowledge has really helped me to see how to cut the cals and not the flavour. Lovely leftovers You know what, lean lamb sliced and tossed with roasted cauli, spices and salady stuff is pretty tasty with a good squeeze of fresh lemon.

I stayed on plan last Saturday night and cooked up a steak and Slimming World chips dinner, with some of those lovely tomatoes I had leftover. TIP: Rub steak with paprika and chilli powder to give a savoury crust, spray with Fry Light and cook on a griddle for a couple of mins each side. Mum went to Iceland Get down there… I stocked up on their brilliant new range of Slimming World ready meals! Brilliant when its just you. But how sweet that Gemma noticed and sent me this lovely text.

Smelling the BBQ blazing all day was tough for my resolve, but luckily there were plenty of fresh strawberries on sale to keep me out of the hefty Syn zone. I only lost a measly 0. My top buys this week were some frozen hake fillets to make skinny fish and chips and soya beans to put in my soupy noodles. This week in group there were so many great recipes being shared. When you go to group you get to hear first hand what recipes other members have been trying and loving. I ordered mine in 2 sizes to be on the safe side , but I ended up fitting in the smaller size — hurrah!

I roasted cauli with cumin and chilli powder my fave thing then tossed with a mixed grain pouch, fresh cucumber and tomatoes. I finished it off with a generous dollop of Syn-free cottage cheese. TIP Sumac is a delicious seasoning made from sumac berries. They use it a lot in the Middle East to finish salads. It really perked up the cottage cheese — try it! Walking I was forced into a little body magic this week because I was without the car.

The kids benefitted from walking to school, too, as it gave us all chance to wake up in the fresh air. This is the time when we get to see a preview of all the gorgeous goodies that will be on sale at Christmas in the supermarkets. Just 1lb! I guess there are always going to be times where it is difficult to diet. I was in favour of denial and trying to have a super duper week to compensate… but, I was persuaded to go to a Saturday meeting. I felt a bit glum for a while, but thinking about it fairly pre-Slimming World this would have been a prime time to pile on a good few extra lbs, just in time for the holidays.

A wedding in Germany drinking beer!! Lazy brekkies A real weekend luxury on Slimming World is a no-fry fry up. Berries are really great value at the mo, so I tried these yummy meringues with fresh strawberries and raspberries — delish! Body Magic Being away from the office has meant more food treats ice creammmmm! Including a trek up into the hills in Frieburg in Germany and another uphill trek carrying Romilly piggy-back style up the Dales way in Kettlewell.

Not sure this counted as my HE!! Annoyed I have reached a bit of a plateau. I felt really on high for ages afterwards. All that body magic walking up hills must have paid off.

Eat This, Not That: Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss & Recipes

My breakfasts are now under control and I love tucking into a massive salad or jacket potato. The fact that you can also eat pasta and rice on Extra Easy is a real bonus. My goal this week is tot get a good loss. I made this healthy slaw and grilled bacon and tomato combo this week. Sunny Sunday Romilly and I headed down to a festival this weekend in our local town.

We kept it healthy with noodles and Thai-style skewers from one of the food stalls. But I did choose a delicious scoop of blackcurrant ice cream as my Syn-ful treat for the day. Super soups The weather turned really cold again so I dug out this yummy carrot and cumin soup from the freezer. It was so fresh and tasty! Picnic envy Giles and I went to an open air play with friends at the weekend.

I took a V healthy picnic including this tasty potato salad. Yes, it worked! I knuckled down to some serious speed meals this week and the result… I lost 3. I celebrated with a good slab of choccy cake and a trip to the shops to upgrade my beach attire to a bikini. I got an extra boost of confidence from hanging out with nine other girlies and a good dose of sun and laughter is just what you need to get over any body issues. Bikini body As we all know, we all have a bikini body we just need to put one on and hey presto!

Girls, be confident. Even a little loss makes you feel a million dollars. Sunshine food I love this Slimming World Paella. I felt pretty pleased that I dodged the bacon roll. Bread Tee hee, remember how I was going on about being so over bread… well, that Spanish tomato bread — oops! Spain has too much delicious food to choose from, including this amazing Burrata and giant tomato at Bestial on the Saturday night. So, the damage: I put on 2lbs on the hen do; in France self-catering, but swimming and playing tennis I gained 1lb; then, the wedding weekend added another 1lb.

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  5. I felt pretty fed up about the 1lb last week. I will have to try really hard to stick on plan this week to compensate. So far, so good… apart from a killer hangover and another wedding! I am feeling more positive. It gave me a much needed push in the right direction. Veg out I love Thai flavours and I made a speedy rice stir fry with some fresh flavours, mixed with a pack of savoury rice and some store-cupboard ingredients such as fish sauce and lemongrass paste. Cottage cheese alert Tesco sell a really good fat free cottage cheese and I love their pineapple version for snacking.

    Burgers I gave my steak burger a Slimming World makeover with a zingy Asian slaw, corn and roasted courgette and aubergine. The only cure was fat coke and lots of salt vinegar crisps — not exactly on plan! OK, so I blame this chocolate cafe, Fazer, handily positioned across from my hotel in Helsinki, for the extra lb! It was my last weigh-in before wearing the bridesmaid dress and …I lost 3lbs!

    Myth 2: ‘Being overweight isn’t that bad for you’

    I was a bit worried, as you know. Claire has also been on Slimming World for the wedding and looked amazing! Monday was a slow day still recovering but by Tuesday I got myself back down to the shops and stocked up on all the healthy Slimming World foods. In the basket is week are pink grapefruits, plums and Muller lights to make some tasty breakfast oats, smoked trout, mackerel and sliced meats for salads and some chicken and spinach to make a slimming world curry.

    Here goes. It makes a change from my usual bran flakes. Salad days In Waitrose this week cooked quails eggs were reduced so I grabbed a pack for Syn free snacking. I made this curry from the Slimming World website. It was really creamy tasting from the yogurt, but I did find the spices a little bitter for my taste. Next time I might add a little sweetness to balance the flavour. Actually a spoonful in the curry would be nice…. Anyway, I got away with a maintain. I might have to do the same next week, too, to give myself a chance to loose something.

    What an achievement to be voted let alone win and such an inspiration to new and existing members. Sunshine salad I made this yummy Caesar salad last weekend and we ate it outside in the sun- bliss! Instead of using oil mixed with the egg yolk I made the dressing with water and natural yogurt. Adding some garlic and chives and a squeeze of lemon really perked up the flavour. I also swapped Syn-ful croutons for crispy new potatoes.

    Ragu I made a big batch of slow cooker ragu and the kids lapped it up. Thank you to Megan for letting me know. I think I actually needed a little break. Take this weekend, for example, I was racing around taking the kids to activities and I ended up grabbing a cheese sandwich and a bag of crisps for lunch. Next was a pizza for supper with the rugby and Sunday lunch was pretty boozy and included a rather nice slice of Bakewell tart with cream! So, this week two good things have happened to help me get back on it.

    First, our Slimming World group leader Gemma has been up to head office and is sending us all a boost via email. And secondly, and very excitingly, Iceland have just launched their new range of Slimming World ready meals! I went up to the press launch on Tuesday ahead of the store launch and tried them. WOW such tasty meals! Including gorgeous soups that taste just like homemade, an amazing curry and a superb chilli chicken that actually tasted of chilli. I was really impressed.

    London baby, yeah! This tasty Slimming World cod provencal cheered up a miserable Monday. DH loves the meals I cook on Slimming World. Sausage surprise Have you tried Heck chicken sausages? They have two new flavours coming out soon. Try them in pasta sauce. I had to stash this plum blondie in the freezer to stop me eating it! I guess this is what batch cooking is all about so you have something tasty on standby. I turned up to my Saturday Slimming World group, got back on the scales and the result… a slightly-wobbly-almost-went-up-half-a-pound maintain — hurrah!

    I emailed Gemma and asked for a holiday week, as I was too poorly to brave the outside world and getting weighed was just a step TOO far. This missing weeks really racks up the costs. Let see how I get on. Not too much to worry about food wise this week, but there may be booze ahead… oh, and leftover chocolate cake! One-pot wonders One for the weekend is this delish beef stew.

    Its great bunging all the ingredients in the pot in the morning, then hey presto, you get back later and lunch is served! Look what I found!

    Weight Loss Magic Soup

    Look what I found in Waitrose this week. A big humungous tub of low fat cottage cheese. Golden rule Remember to whack on loads of extra veg and salad on the side of your meals. This helps you to feel full and will stop you reaching for that biscuit tin. Also grab lemon and limes and use the zest and juice to perk up chicken, soups, stews and salads. Did you know? Citrus helps you to absorb the iron in food.

    Target I was and keep feeling really positive about getting back on plan. My school mum friend has been going great guns and has already lost a stone. Chocolate cake I tested a rather gooey, rich chocolate cake this week covered with sumptuous chocolate curls. After all my worry about chocolate cake and I got a 2lb loss! But, apart from cooking with more oil than I would normally use in a Slimming World recipe, all the food was cooked from scratch and packed with healthy veg. I rewarded myself on Saturday night with lots of crusty bread to mop up my juicy sausage supper and a huge plate of cheese and biscuits to finish it off with!

    This week we went to the pub and those few Syns for roasties and gravy were well worth it! Staying to group I really should start staying to group to get more inspiration, so I can reach that target. They also do group taster sessions where you share some Syn free recipes with the group. Our tree went up, the twinkly lights switched on and that was it — I settled into the festive spirit.

    I think I might just wait and rejoin in the new year…. In the meantime, here are my top tips for surviving Christmas on the Slimming World plan…. Spiralizing Have you tried a spiralizer? I toss a mixture of raw courgette, carrot, parsnip and shredded cabbage with fresh lime, chilli, coriander and fish sauce for a quick Thai-style slaw or simply blanch carrot and courgette strands and use to pad out spaghetti. This mushroom ragu with courgetti is the perfect recipe for beginners! Green juicing I bought a NutriBullet with my supermarket points result!

    I had this beetroot and kale salad at a local restaurant and it gave me inspiration for my Sunday roast side. I roasted some beetroot, celeriac and red onion with trusty spray oil and sprinkle over some paprika and lemon zest, then tossed through some raw kale at the end. Sugar packed foods are high in Syns for a reason! Look at natural sugar alternatives such as agave and date nectar to sweeten yogurt or porridge and stock up on other sweet fixes such as sugar free jellies and dark chocolate.

    Veering towards vegan I know we can eat plenty of meat, fish and eggs on Slimming World plan, but some of the vegan food trends are really catching on with me. There are loads of vegan recipes on GoodtoKnow to keep it interesting. As you know, pizza is a big fat NO on Slimming World plan so this recipe for cauliflower pizza gives you a handy vehicle for your Healthy Extra A cheese allowance. Whoop, whoop! I dragged myself out of bed for the 8. Everyone has a smile and is up for a chat.