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And depending on the severity and frequency, the effects often fade after a few years or maybe the brain so completely adjusts to compensate for the effects that it essentially "normalizes" a continuing problem, making it invisible to the person. Of course not, we specify which bone and the severity.

Getting hit on the side of your head is not the same as the back of the head is not the same as the top of the head. Hell, even the type of impact on the same spot on the head often leads to different effects. Those injuries impact different parts of the brain and therefore have different effects, yet we lump them all together as the same. It really is not about what Mauer wants.

Nice story, glad he is back from his concussion, wish him well, but - the Twins FO has to assess the team not the player. Do we have the next 1B ready to step in? If not extend Mauer for 2 years, if we do, extend one year??? The FO does not have the old Twins angst about moving players. And this has to extend to Joe - the business of baseball has to prevail, just as players are learning in FA this year.

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I hope we see an amazing Joe this year, I will enjoy and appreciate it, and I will set that aside from watching the FO work. Based on their non-talks with Dozier who is our most productive hitter, I think we can begin to understand how the Twins approach is changing - not necessarily better, but different.

I don't think the concussion symptoms were suddenly better last season. There were signs of improvement the year before, but then he played injured hamstring?

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Even in there were some glimpses of pre-concussion Joe, so if you look at the last three seasons, it has been more of a gradual improvement than an instant recovery. Hopefully that trend will continue or he will play close to the level of last year. I do think the fact that they no longer need to try to get him in as many games as possible and given him more rest has helped. Placing a timeline and set list of symptoms on a concussion is folly, as "concussion" can mean a bunch of different things and is more of a catch-call term than an actual injury more on that in a bit.

You are correct. No two concussions are the same. The problem I have is he withheld information from the team for over two years. I question that. If he had ongoing symptoms with a level of severity that affected his performance for three years THAT drastically why did he just keep on playing with no input from anyone? How is it the people close to him don't notice it? This would include his teammates, team officials, his family, etc The truth is no one really knows the level to which Joe suffered post concussion symptoms.

What I am saying is that if he was having those problems then he should have kept the team in the loop. Here's one quote I didn't include in the story, but I wish I had. I didn't include it because it didn't really talk about the theme of the story, but I think his response gives some insight into his mindset about his health, his performance and how he prepares.

Have Twins fans, the most patient in baseball, finally run out of patience? | MinnPost

The "business of baseball" also involves putting fans in the seats and getting them to tune in so that you get more for your TV package. I think Minnesota fans in particular value loyalty and continuity.

How the Twins and the player handle it will affect how excited I am to watch them and him this summer. As long as Joe performs well, he is much more valuable to the Twins than a replacement with the same statistics. I hope that they work out a deal that makes sense for both so that Twins fans can enjoy the celebration of his final season. I also hope that the rising generation of Twins stars can help Joe get to the World Series. Obviously, you're free to question these things provided you remain respectful and on-topic.


I never implied otherwise in my post. But I think you're missing part of the problem here; symptoms come and go and they're often hard to pin down as being concussion symptoms in the first place. Is it possible Mauer was bad at communicating things he clearly should have been communicating to the team?

Absolutely, but it's probably a bit more complex than "he just didn't want to share important information with other people". You can question these things all you want; there will be those who agree with you, and those who don't. You will get those who feel as strongly about their opinions as you do yours.

That's the nature of it. It's not always easy, especially if your opinion is in the minority although on Joe, I think it's not so lopsided as say, extending Buxton, on this site. Just becuase someone has something to say opposite you, they aren't telling you you can't question it, they are rebutting your statements because they feel differently.

Winning puts butts in the seats, period. Look at the attendance during the recent 5 year decline. If this FO puts out a winning team on the field consistently they will sell tickets, Mauer or no Mauer. Case in point Doug Mientkiewicz. He was a great defensive first baseman with a. And there have been hundreds of worse players than Doug that have fit in with contending teams.

Doug M would probably have fit fine on that team also if he had stayed and if the twins didn't think they had a better option.

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If the Twins think they have another Justin Morneau that would be blocked by Mauer after this year then you are right that he probably doesn't have a place on this what we hope is a contending team. Saying a guy like Mauer has no place on a contending team as a stand alone statement is off the mark IMO. I don't think last year had anything to do with Mauer's concussion. There was so much stuff going on that year, it was a tough call.

Now, is this open to debate? That is what makes the book so much fun. It is important to note, however, that this book is not a list of the 60 greatest heroes in Minnesota sports. Rather, it is a fun way to celebrate 60 great events, tied into 60 great men and women. While some chapters feature detailed accounts, extensive quotes and game summaries, others focus on different aspects of that particular event or person. No two chapters are alike, and hopefully that will add to the uniqueness of the book. Thing is with Mauer: He didn't go away.

Instead, he went to first base, and he played through the concussion aftermath and he just wasn't as good as he had been. For three years, Mauer hit. He played every day, and the Twins kept hitting him at the top of the lineup. Mauer was making so much money, and a depressing new aura built around the guy: fans, a lot of them, griped about him.

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There were calls to trade him and complaints that he was untradable. Mauer complaints were a staple of Minneapolis talk radio. This was hard for Mauer fans.

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I've always loved the guy. For a time, I used to write a fairly regular blog series called the "Mauer Power Hour. Then, in -- his eyesight issues apparently behind him -- Mauer was pretty darned good. He wasn't quite vintage Mauer, no. But he hit. He also played a good first base; I believe he could have and maybe even should have won the AL Gold Glove Award at the position.

The Twins went back to the playoffs for the first time since , and Mauer was a big reason -- he was fantastic in September, hitting. This year, Mauer has been crazy good. It's only a few games, but it's still amazing to see that. He has drawn 10 walks in 10 games. The rebirth of Mauer is one of my favorite stories in baseball.

In his first plate appearance against young White Sox starter Lucas Giolito , he looked at all five pitches he saw. Four of them were balls and he took the walk.