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The best way to look for life is to just stay on Earth and look for signals from another civilization or to find other extrasolar planets and analyze their atmospheres. The movie: Roy McBride appears to be an astronaut, but then he steps outside to reveal he is on a giant tower extending into space. Then a series of explosions and accidents happen, and our hero goes tumbling to Earth.

First, let me say, bravo! This is a spectacular sequence that subverts your expectations of what an astronaut should be and is a great way to open a movie. Just as portrayed in the film, at that altitude there is not enough atmosphere to provide friction, and when falling, you can go into an uncontrolled spin that can make you black out.

The movie does a phenomenal job of illustrating what a fall from that height might be like, and it is an amazing stunt. Still, there are a few problems with the sequence. First, the stated reason for the space tower is that it helps us to search for life in the universe. What wavelength does it use? The only use for a big antenna is to sense very long wavelength radio waves.

Both U. But very little information can be sent this way. These techniques are really used to send a command to surface or to send up a signal buoy so that more efficient communications can be used. But low-frequency radio waves would be ridiculously inefficient for alien communication, since you can only send a few characters per minute.

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If you are old enough to remember how slow baud modems were, well, this is more like a 0. Your cell phone can send signals million times faster. In general, sources of any kinds of particles or radiation decrease in intensity as they radiate away from their source. They fall off in proportion to the distance squared, so in fact they get quite a bit weaker.

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That means that if these bursts are killing thousands at Earth, they for certain would have wiped out anyone still alive at their source. The filmmakers are confusing it with what happens in nuclear reactors. In fission, when you break one atomic nucleus apart, it produces neutrons, which basically act like shrapnel, and break other nuclei apart. Once it is used up in an annihilation, no more would be created in a chain reaction.

The solar system would not be at risk. Fun fact: a giant matter-antimatter reaction took place at the beginning of the universe.

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For an unknown reason, there were a billion and one particles of matter for every billion particles of antimatter. Everything but one part in a billion wiped itself out, leaving just the matter we see today. We can tell because the reaction produces photons and we can count the photons relative to the number of atoms in existence today. We also see no bulk quantities of antimatter left in the universe today, though it is produced in certain particle physics interactions. The movie: The Moon is lawless.

Roy has to get from the commercial landing center to a military launch facility on the far side by going through an unsafe area where he is attacked by mining pirates in a buggy chase. The pirates shoot energy weapons at people and a buggy flies into a crater. Would guns work in the vacuum of space? Actually, you can shoot a regular gun with bullets in space, because gunpowder has its own oxidizer. The Moon rovers are very similar to the ones used on Apollo 15, 16, and 17, which you can see in this amazing footage. The Soviet Union also sent remote-controlled Lunokhod rovers to the Moon in the s, and China has a Yutu rover exploring the far side of the Moon right now.

In the movie, the buggy flying into the crater with ludicrous hang time is great.

The Moon only has one-sixth the gravity of Earth, so it would stay in the air for a long time. Roy and company stop to help, but when they board the derelict vessel, they are attacked by what appears to be a baboon. Roy fights the primate and finally depressurizes the area it is in, causing it to explode. It will take you a ton of fuel to stop, then a ton more to start again, and because of the rocket equation , you need lots more fuel to accelerate all the extra fuel. After the launch of Cepheus , the first stage holding the big chemical rocket engines fall away.

They also seem to be providing constant thrust like an ion engine, in contrast to a chemical rocket, which only fires until the fuel runs out. Also, the thrust is ridiculously low, equivalent to the weight of a sheet of paper. It would take them weeks to slow down after getting the distress call, so basically they could not stop in time. My favorite real space-animals are mice, who quickly adapt and start pushing themselves off to fly from one side of the cage to the other. Seriously, watch the video. It is much cheaper, easier, and safer to do the same research in low Earth orbit.

Also, neither monkeys nor people explode in space. You can survive a minute or two in the vacuum, maybe even three or four. You might puff up a bit—Kittinger, the man who set the skydiving altitude record, had his glove malfunction on one jump, and his hand swelled up to twice its normal size.

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He recovered fine though. Roy sneaks on board the ship after swimming through an underground lake. Reality: It took the Cepheus 19 days to get to Mars from the Moon. But Neptune is between 10 and 60 times the Moon-Mars distance depending on where each is in its orbit. So it should take between and 1, days to get to Neptune, though the film says it only takes It just defies belief that a ship that goes to Mars could all of a sudden go to Neptune.

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So he is either stupid or he planned on killing someone. Neither fits the character.

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Alavez Perez stayed in the car with the 8-year-old as the younger children went to a nearby play area in the 1,acre park, she told police. Around p. Alavez Perez searched for the girl, initially thinking she may have been hiding, and then called her brother to come to the park and help look for Dulce, authorities said. She contacted police around 5 p.

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