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The meditation continued through childhood trauma where I come in as the adult in power and see the weakness in the toxic relationship my parents had A safe moment for little Andy at his Aunts farm playing in the garden whilst I return to inform my parents of their lack of ability to care for little Andy at this time and that he will be returning home with me, I release them to heal and return to little Andy to play and affirm how wonderful he is We zoom through Schools, places of work, travel, London, we giggle at the cheeky shop in soho now little Andy knows he doesn't have to keep his sexuality secret and toxic and to my current home where we are safe.

I am having an amazing healing journey currently reading Home Coming by John Bradshaw meditation selfcare selflove. If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern. In other news some people had a hard time shopping Don't mention the climatechange. Pie joins the Extinction Rebellion protest that is helping save the planet whilst annoying commuters. Only our source of life After contemplation my soul asked me this as we see what notredame truely resonates - our inner beauty and world.

Will you mourn the desolation of your Temple, the destruction of your art, your emotional body, will you restore that which is precious whilst your frame stands fragile? Looking forward to more creativity, receptivity and collaboration as I meditate in the Pisces New Moon later today and set some intentions.

Happiness Is a Choice: The Art of Soulful Living

Here's a previous creation from my first EP newmusic. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Band Profile. I will be living a simple life with my boys co-creating and living my purpose of unity with like hearted people… no more academics, no other established organisations… The path is mine to co-create and walk at the same time…. He had every experience, highest highs and lowest lows… it was his soul debris… he could not live any other way…. When it is only two of us we have our unique pace and space as two of us being very intuitive and sensitive… We stay together, not talk much and hug a lot… We communicate with our looks and touches….

Yesterday morning I took him to an open house of one school here in London which I believe could be a very good fit to my son… academically is strong but also, amazing, art, music and science consuntration they have… I wanted him to experience and feel the space…. Few minutes of performance elevates the space there and elevates the spaces whoever is watching….

Her few minutes speech summaries my political path… every age, every religion, every gender, every race… we all are ONE…. Boys are having such a joyful morning with their father Ozgur…For me time freeze in such moments… watching them, feeling their joy…. Ozgur works like crazy… He always did… HIs work is his life… I have accepted this reality long time ago… Now he leads one of the six regions of McKinsey and as you can imagine the extensive amount of travel he has on top of what he already had….

Soulful Living Arts Fair Lectures

It can be a sudden death of a loved one, sudden disclosure of a serious illness, natural disasters, war…. In such experiences something happens to us… Life bring us an experience that we would not choose happily and intentionally…. Healing is clearing layers, blocks, baggages and elevating your energy as i wrote yesterday….

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Healer is someone who can hold a space with higher state of existence… elevated and clear love energy… in those spaces you will have a chance to see yourself and release…. When I saw this picture the morning I had a huge laughter for minutes and it inspired me to write about healing…. If you feel like this, confused and lost..

T here is nothing greater in life than living for a purpose higher than oneself. However we may not always be crystal clear about what our higher purpose is. In fact we may have no idea at all. Hence it is extremely important to be patient with ourselves. To allow ourselves to grow into a clear, strong, higher purpose, through our varied life experiences. Whether we are conscious of it or not, life is often leading us to our higher purpose. And if we pay attention to the signs, and become quick learners of life, we will find our purpose sooner than later.

Q1 What brings my soul the greatest joy? What is it that fills my days with joy and excitement and my soul with deep fulfilment at night? Q2 How can I use this talent, this skill, this joy of my soul, to serve other souls? How can I use it to help, heal and empower other souls along the way? When you combine the two, you will find your magic path. Whether we are fortunate enough to live our purpose as our full-time worldly occupation or not, we can always commit to a higher spiritual value as our purpose and live our lives in accordance with it. We can identify any core spiritual value that we personally connect with, and we want to live by, as our higher purpose in life.

It could be kindness, being kind to all. Or empowerment, empowering all those we meet in some way. It could also be joy, making the lives of others happy, joyful and full of laughter. Whatever we choose, we can live it as our higher purpose in life. Our ultimate purpose and divine duty in this grand journey of life, is to love ourselves and others in whatever way we can.

We may not have found our soul-joy purpose, which is alright.

The Holistic Center for Soulful Living - A Look Inside

We may be struggling to commit to our soul-values and living with them, which is ok, at least we are trying. But what is always in our capacity as divine souls, is the ability to lend a helping hand to another in need. A kind word, a warm hug, a sweet smile, words of hope, our silent supportive presence and heartfelt good wishes. And that truly is, the grandest purpose of our lives, to love one another.

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We can commit to any or all of the above six pillars of a soulful life. Or we can even create our very own pillars to support us in in the path of soulful living. We can lean on these pillars, day after day, to create a simple, happy and content life. A life for which we feel eternally grateful and blessed. Creator of The Dignified Soul.

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