Sundown - A Vampires Reprieve (Fallen From Shadow Found In Grace - A Vampire Romance Book 2)

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Parker seems to find him cute at best and amusing at worst. Meanwhile, poor Mac is driven out of his mind with lust for his former student teacher. Parker Everly has always had a crush on Mr. When a horse-ride through the darkening woods turns into an impromptu camping trip, Parker and Mac are thrown together. Will the two manage to restrain themselves? Or will Mac finally profess his love? VS Note: Previously published in an anthology. I LOVE this story.

This series is one of my alltime favorites and the character of Harlan the Dasnarian is…wonderful. As unofficial consort to the High Queen, former mercenary Harlan Konyngrr faces a challenge worse than looming war and fearsome dragons. His long-held secrets threaten what he loves most—and he must make a choice between vows to two women. Retellings of familiar favourites from new perspectives, and brand new stories share the pages of this fairy-themed collection.

A dusting of dragons, shapeshifters and ogres accompany these tales which include feminist fairies overcoming trauma, Norse fairies breaking the rules to interfere in human affairs, intergalactic fairies hitching a ride to a new home, political satire featuring an idiot king and talking animals, a new Robin Archer story, fairy run nightclubs and so, so much more. Benny, owner of Club Crimson, is not what he appears to be. Until someone close to him gives him just the push he needs…. So when a mysterious person appears with a devastating revelation and a tempting offer, Benny might not be able to refuse him.

And that might be the last mistake Benny makes. Start wars. Change the tides of a battle. As the dragon vessel, pretty much everyone wants me either locked up or dead. Out of the shadows comes a new threat—a fighter who reminds me a little too much of my mentor. And the only way he can get it, apparently, is to kill me.

Those who come after me die early deaths, and none of these fools will take my magic—or my beautiful newfound freedom—from me. Twenty-first century Greek goddess Pandia is shaking in her Jimmy Choos. A few weeks ago, she traveled back in time to attend a party, where she accidentally suggested Julius Caesar abandon politics for gardening. Her father, Zeus, summons her to modern Olympus after he discovers her meddling eliminated the month of July.

Pandia refuses to let her punishment get her down. Vesuvius is rumbling. She will marry powerful Prince Jiseve of Brightcastle and use his fortune to save her estates. But first she must compete against three princesses equally determined to win his hand. The more time they spend together, the harder Benae finds it to focus on her objective.

Will she stay true to her people? Or will love and fate intervene? Charged to wipe the scourge of darkness from the earth, spread by Lucifer, my fallen brother. Each day he grows stronger as humans and the archangels sent to defeat him, succumb to his will. Nor fall for the rough charm of the battle weary soldier Zadkiel. All I have to fight with is the gift of beauty in a world shrouded in darkness. Bad boy. Some say those are qualities of a good leader.

Unfortunately for my beloved mama, I found my fated mate already. No one compares to her. The problem? Can I ignore the pull of my fated mate to make my mother happy and take the throne? Ozzy swaggered into the Maximillian mansion expecting business as usual. After jumping into the elf realm and leaving her daughter behind to save her mates, Snow finds out there are much darker secrets going on inside the locked up castle she is desperate to invade. When the extremely seductive prince of the elves offers her help in exchange for her hand in marriage, Snow knows she must accept it.

To save her mate, her prince and her new husband, Snow will do whatever it takes. Even poison the queen. Mauri awoke to find three hot fae leaning over her. They told her she was a hidden demi-fae princess. Now she must find the vampire who bit her and kill him to reverse the curse. All while fighting her rising bloodlust. A monster any vampire monarch would love to control. She only has five days to save herself. My particular area of expertise involves angels and fallen. I seem to be one of the few that can kill them. Angels will always be a special breed, but there are certain things that you can count on them to never do.

Committing murder and then killing themselves was always one of those things, until recently. When angels killing humans and then themselves becomes a reoccurring issue in my city, even bringing around the angels investigating to ask us for help, there is something very wrong. Something that we have to stop before anyone else gets hurt. Personal lines are crossed, and things that I thought I knew about myself turn out to be part of a bigger plot. A plot that has a hand in this very case.

What am I supposed to when half of this case is… me? And then I go home and let my heart break. His last match. With the odds more than stacked against him, the gorgeous Barbarian is as good as dead. While Khara and Oz search for Persephone, her brothers work to secure the escaped souls and discover who murdered Drew. But they soon find themselves faced with an even greater problem—one with a name they dare not speak. Forced into shady alliances with would-be enemies, Khara must work to restore the Underworld and place her father on the throne before the world above claims him and everyone else she loves.

I am stronger than any other Elemental on this world, and meanwhile this woman brings me to my knees with a simple smile. Not only that, he oozes sex appeal, his intense blue eyes has me submitting to his will at every turn. His smile gives the word erotic a whole new meaning. Her reputation on the line, she must convince Knightley Morgan to return to the folds of his powerful New England family or apply the devastating consequences herself.

He will not give up his freedom, no matter how dire the cost. But is he really ready to lose the magic forever?


One killer down, one to go. With the serial killer off my back, my mother, the head of Parnormal MI5, wants me to move on to another case. Only problem is, my best friend has been kidnapped and held by a man who helped the evil killer. My magic is almost restored, but the fate of my soul is still in question. If I took the time off to save my friend, and myself, would my job as top Paranormal MI5 agent still be there when I returned? The risk was great on both sides, but when life trumps magic, I have to brace myself for impact.

He has never known Kathryn and Kellan without the magical manipulation of their witch grandmother. When they are in Mount Iolite, Ginny conceals their supernatural gifts so the vessel and outcaster can rest. That cloak prevents Evan from understanding their true powers, leaving him to his own dark and fearsome imaginings. His engagement to Kathryn emboldens him enough to finally experience the wild land… more blurb on ebook seller page….

Three deadly enemies. Three mortal threats. But I am not alone any more. I have Saber, Zeke, and Nero on my side. And together, we can do anything. Bring it on. Nate, king of all shifters, not only has to deal with the werewolf threat, but he must also deal with the consequences of being outed to the public.

No one said being the king of all shifters would be easy. No one said it would be this hard, either. Especially not one who keeps his foot in his mouth. As the only dragon on Earth, Magnus never expects to find a mate. They called her angry and spiteful… Hell, they called her a monster. One fateful day Adelaide finds herself alone, lingering on the edge of The Perished Woods—a cursed and evil place.

Without warning, an orc army attacks. Her village ablaze, Adelaide races into the Perished Woods, seeking refuge in a place of nightmares. A troll… one who is determined to save her. Single mother, Alexandra Winter lived in Burning Falls her whole life without knowing the depths of secrets within the small town. As she notices more and more odd occurrences, Alex begins to wonder if there is more going on than meets the eye.

It does not help that she keeps crossing paths with her old high school nemesis, Jackson Forester. Perhaps the budding friendship between her young son and his daughter might be a new start for her, or will her own stubbornness get in her way once again? Still new to being a shifter, Jackson learns that his need to find a mate gets stronger with each passing day, and his growing attraction to a woman who hates him does little to solve his problems.

Will his increasing need interfere with his ability to protect her from the secrets of Burning Falls? Will she be able to handle the truth once it is revealed, or will his past transgressions be too much for both of them? The death of his mortal lover almost a hundred years ago proved it. With Carishina, his friend and fellow Alma, in tow, he sets off for Terius. While he tries potions, Carishina tries kisses. Only one of them will succeed.

I thought I was ordinary Rory Franco: college student, artist, and over-protected daughter. The students here are even more vicious than the teachers, and my fellow scions are worst of all. No way will I bow to any villain, no matter how brutally alluring. I just want to avenge the people I loved. Brady Connelly is finally coming home to Whispering Springs. And there had been many. The truth would be his salvation. Nicole needed a job. A job that would put a roof over her head as well.

Where there were faeries, there were dragons and Nicole was petrified of them. And with good reason. Now this dragon, Jackson, was claiming to be her mate? Would this nightmare never end? A car accident leaves Diana searching for answers. Groggy and scared, she needs help. He stalks her like prey, watching and waiting.

In her. He returns to the Emperor, who happens to be his uncle, with Diana in tow. Now Diana is their servant, doing anything the dragons require. But as she stays at the palace things begin to change. She begins to change. Can their love be split five ways, or will their dragon nature burn everything to the ground? This whole hero gig is a lot harder than it looks! A young magic user who wants desperately to live. A jaded recluse who has forgotten what living means. His only hope is an exiled wizard who lives in seclusion—and is rumored to have lost his mind.

The years alone on his hilltop estate have not been good for Darius Valstad. After the magical accident that disfigured him and nearly drowned Pittsburgh, he drifts through his days, a wraith trapped in memories and depression. Until a stricken young man collapses on his driveway, one who claims Darius is his last chance. For the first time in fifteen years, Darius must make a choice—leave this wild mage to his fate or take him in and try to teach him, which may kill them both.

Graham Long left his career—and his real name—behind to make a fresh start for himself at Shifting Sands. But fiercely independent Alice Anders has a life of her own already. My nights are filled with reckless abandon with my crew of badass biker bitches. My days are spent wearing a Ranger uniform in Big Bend. Seriously, fate? All I need are my bitches, my bike and the open road. Hawk is alone, hiding from the world, living in a tiny, rickety cabin his grandfather built.

He brings him game, he protects him from predators, and he even pulls him from a raging river. In fact, Hawk is desperately lonely, to the point he even tells Ghost he longs for the touch of a man, the first time he has ever said such a wicked thing out loud. Then one full-moon night, a large, beautiful, naked man breaks into the cabin. Some say love is the strongest emotion while some would rather die than feel it…but what if it could last forever? The idea of immortality can haunt and fascinate to the point of insanity, especially those who actively seek it.

But what if you fell in love with someone with the blood that gave them the power to live forever? A love that could last or a love that could crumble you to pieces. Forbidden love. Creatures of the night. These converge in this collection of paranormal romance stories meant to tantalize the senses and penetrate the soul. Mysterious strangers. Hidden abilities. Inescapable darkness… Join our courageous heroines and heroes as they battle demons, governments, and secret organizations in worlds where fae, vampires, angels, witches, humans, and more fight for survival. Cursed Lands will lead you through one doomed world after another in this haunting dystopian, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance boxed set.

Do you dare venture into Cursed Lands, where magic, danger, and romance lurk between the shadows and the light? The Empire sees her as their Crown Princess, returning at long last. Across the sea is a man who holds the keys to deciphering her premonitions and thwarting the ancient evil ravaging their world. The kingdoms of Osten Ard have been at peace for decades, but now, the threat of a new war grows to nightmarish proportions.

Simon and Miriamele, royal husband and wife, face danger from every side. Their allies in Hernystir have made a pact with the dreadful Queen of the Norns to allow her armies to cross into mortal lands. The ancient, powerful nation of Nabban is on the verge of bloody civil war, and the fierce nomads of the Thrithings grasslands have begun to mobilize, united by superstitious fervor and their age-old hatred of the city-dwellers. But as the countries and peoples of the High Ward bicker among themselves, battle, bloodshed, and dark magics threaten to pull civilizations to pieces.

And over it all looms the mystery of the Witchwood Crown, the deadly puzzle that Simon, Miriamele, and their allies must solve if they wish to survive. But as the kingdoms of Osten Ard are torn apart by fear and greed, a few individuals will fight for their own lives and destinies—not yet aware that the survival of everything depends on them. The Red Letter Hotel is an exclusive business shrouded in secrets. But when Hot Mystery Guy runs out on her and all Layla gets is a business card with no name and an international number — plus the memory of his unreal aqua eyes that burn with hot desert winds — her life goes up in flames.

Call this number, he said. Become who you were meant to be. But who is that — and does she dare find out? But with the hounds of Fate nipping at my heels, can the Winds tear themselves away from their sibling rivalry over my affections long enough to keep me safe? And why do I have to choose? We have new and exclusive short stories from S.

Teasing us all with preview chapters of their Pets in Space 4 stories are Laurie A. Walker, and Kyndra Hatch! To Get the Sampler. May 1. April April 3. I try to catch up on ones I missed in recent months. I never have. That would be an impossible task for any human! I assemble my list every week based on various informal inputs, and I do curate the list to some extent….

And he kisses like a fiend. Still, war with the Sarronti is creeping ever closer, and the last thing he needs is an unruly mate. Tempers flare, and sparks fly from the moment they first meet. This Badari Warriors box set gathers the first three science fiction romance novels from this award winning series into one collection. Featuring genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs.

Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. The discovery of a new species on our planet has been difficult for everyone involved. Especially when my tribe is desperate for males—and I have the attention of two. As a North American Union investigation into the happenings on the compound looms, a grief-stricken Peter works to resurrect the memory of his mother from a harvested nanochip, and Heather scrambles to keep her family—and their company—together. Alistair, having abandoned the family business, plots to save his hide and that of his wife while she strives to stay one step ahead of a husband she has no reason to trust.

As old and new foes emerge, spouse is further pit against spouse, brother against sister, and governments against their people. In the end, all must choose between attempts to reclaim the past or surrender to the inevitable, an intractable world of their own creation. In the far reaches of the Kyleri Empire, young Captain Mahnoor travels around the system to escape the cultural pressures to marry. But his infatuation with a handsome imperial pilot leads him into a galactic war. On Jiwani, Viscamon is attempting to consolidate his power, by blaming the Ingvar for the royal massacre and calling armies from across the Empire to track down the missing prince, and achieve his dream of destroying the Galactic Balance.

Sallah, no longer the last Tevian, returns to Aldegar with no choice but to enlist the help of the man she hates and the woman she once loved to see her son again. As the Galactic Balance tips ever more towards chaos, time is running out to save Ales from the destructive forces he has unleashed.

The chance to find a world which may offer a second chance for the population of a dying Earth is something Alice could never refuse. Excitement, danger, and most of all, love are all waiting for Alice and her crew when they fall through the rabbit hole. But will they be brave enough to embrace it? Draven knows Ash. He knows that devious mind, and more importantly, he knows the martyr complex that lies beneath it. Draven is also a master at hiding. Can Draven track down a man who is so intent on not being found that he would stage his own death to prevent it?

And if he does succeed in finding Ash, what then? At the edge of the galaxy, a research station has gone dark… Volka, 6T9, and Carl Sagan are called to help in the rescue mission … A mission that triggers telepathic nightmares in their starship so terrifying battle hardened Galactic Marines breakdown and weep.

The Darkness is Rising. She arrives in the middle of a mating ceremony for the two newest rulers, Vander and Virgo. She controls her own destiny, not a blobby peach alien. Life on Senufo is strange, and she longs for Earth…until her mates win her over, and she starts to fall in love. Or is there a way back to Earth? Will she even want to find it once she surrenders to the tender seductions offered by her Drakari warlord mates? There is a war, and people with skills are deployed when and where it suits the cause. Even Omegas. Where necessary, they are allocated protection.

A controller. But the war brings many changes. Omegas must be protected at all costs and what was once a recommendation might soon become a mandate. And nothing is going to stop the one who comes out on top from claiming his prize. Things change when she is tasked with retrieving a package—a gorgeous male with intense jade green eyes, a body rippling with muscles, and shimmering scales begging to be touched. Jardun is an elite warrior, a protector, a guardian to the ruler.

When the leader is infected with a deadly toxin, and the physician capable of developing a cure is abducted, he turns to the humans, the only allies on the planet with the knowledge to assist with a rescue. What he expects are males trained for combat, males who can help him complete his mission. What he gets is Laria, an intoxicating creature with eyes the color of the midday sky. The infuriating female can wield a blade better than any battle ready soldier, makes his tail twitch, and possesses the alluring scent of a mate. With time running out and the future of both races depending on their success, can Jardun and Laria overcome their differences long enough to find the cure…and explore the connection growing between them?

The time has come for Zann, the most skilled operative the Vaxxlian military has ever known, to settle down and claim a human female as his own. But in the aftermath of the long, bloody war against the Irrcons, is he capable of showing his mate proper affection and tenderness? He might be buying her surrender, but he cannot imagine ever letting the precious female go. When a medical marvel meant to change the very essence of humanity as a whole was unveiled, it did indeed change everything, but not in a way anyone was anticipating.

A virus raged wildly out of control, consuming the whole world, turning half of humanity into mindless zombies, and half of the survivors into a variety of new species known now as the inhumans. In the decades that passed, society slowly began to rebuild and reform around these new realities. Unfortunately, that all changed when the virus, which had previously only affected humans, suddenly mutated and made the jump to inhumans.

Now, the world is ripping itself apart again as an army of new, incredibly lethal variants of the undead roam the countryside, killing everything in their path. And now, the first winter since this latest development is falling across the land. David was born in the decades after society collapsed, so he was well-suited to a life of having to travel often, scavenge for supplies, and fight the living dead and sometimes the living.

Investigative blogger, Lauren Mitchell, was used to going the extra dangerous mile for a good story. That is until a cage-fighting Danan warrior risks his own freedom to gain hers. Frai is an Outlier, sold into slavery as soon as he and his brothers reached adulthood. So the last thing he expected to do was to turn around and offer up that prized freedom for a human woman. However, the Danan mating urge cannot be denied, and he quickly realizes that he will do anything to keep his podmate safe, including risk his life and share her with his brothers.

Set in a near-future environment, mega-corporations have taken over the most habitable of planets, creating domed utopias for their devoted employees. Everyone else has been shunted off to a multitude of mostly habitable planets and moons where they scrape by as farmers and tradesfolk, miners and merchants, bounty hunters and scavengers. James Marks and his crew of scav trash operate their ship, SIO, on a mission to obtain a mysterious piece of new tech.

But when a new girl, Mia, joins the group and reality becomes weirder than the fantasy world they visit in their weekly games, none of them are prepared for what comes next. He finds himself in a race against time to unravel an impossible mystery and save the girl. And all that stands in his way is a probably terminal disease, a knife-wielding maniac and the laws of physics. Challenge accepted. I knew him; I knew he wanted to attack the human colony himself, to control them, and use them to save his race from extinction. He was, after all, a warmonger of an alien race used to dominating everything in the galaxy.

But because of me, he was willing to make peace with humans, perhaps even to his own detriment. And I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect that love along with the small family he and I are creating together. However, a light is shining on the dark secrets of my past, and the reasons behind my transformation into a hybrid of his race may carry far greater consequences for me and our unborn children.

For thousands of years, the Elven Empire has dominated the universe, conquering every planet in its path and ruthlessly enslaving all who stand against it. Elf Captain Razan Allerias never questioned his duty, until he is rewarded by the Empress herself with a prize he never wanted: a human slave. To Alex, freedom was only a distant myth. Born into slavery, abused by his former master, and sent to auction once his master tired of him, Alex learned to live by one rule: never trust an elf.

He never expected that the only thing his master would desire would be solitude. Easier said than done. Before long, Razan realizes that Alex has become something much more than an unwanted houseguest. And as Alex gets to know the real Razan Allerias, he starts to wonder if maybe he should break his one rule. Even if that means protecting her from himself. Captain Lyra Hallas is no damsel in distress. And, yeah, those aliens are bigger, stronger, and more technologically advanced than humans can possibly compete with.

Asier Mor-Talis is a Scaeven Enforcer. He metes out justice—protecting the rest of the universe from the cruel, conquering nature of his own race. But when he rescues a beautiful, clever human woman from a trafficking ring, all bets are off. If he gives in, he shames himself, and destroys her life. Despite issues with a crew mate, Elaine was happy to escape the reality of losing her sister shortly before she joined the ship.

Captain Zion has been pining after his beautiful mechanic since the day he lay eyes on her. But will the traitor allow their happily ever after, or will the deep wound have lasting echoes across the entire crew? Isolated, she had brief contact with the outside world until her grandmother dies, leaving her alone on the island. After her boat capsizes, Dana is sure she is going to die. The watery depths pull her under. The last thing she remembers is the blackness. She begs to see his face one last time so that she can thank him.

The legends are about to become real… Even though contact with humans is forbidden, Daemon cannot stay away.

  • Shadow Rising.
  • Emma!
  • William “Bill” Walton--A Charmed Life.
  • Rhyming Children’s Books: The Worst Dancer Ever [Fully Illustrated];

He is drawn to the human woman who lives on the island that is sacred to his species. Regin just wants to heal. With only six months left on his contract, he hopes to start a new life. As Reece and Emma Richards await the biggest miracle of their lives, their anticipation is mixed with apprehension. But the gift of a new life also brings a rush of new hope for the super duo, reconnecting Reece and Emma in ways they never imagined. Soon, the power of love spreads through the rest of Team Bolt. During the mission, the pair make a discovery that changes everything.

Power can change a person… For months Molly Sullivan endures the inexplicable: electrical surges, car breakdowns, visions. She even wonders if she might be the cause… and wonders if she might be crazy. Then she discovers her husband has cheated on her. Now Molly realizes she is a newly awakening witch and a woman pushed over the edge. Revenge can shape a person… Josiah Mason is a Powerful witch and the leader of a secret coven with a shared goal: to destroy an ancient enemy who has ruined many lives.

Josiah lost years to this man, and his sole focus is revenge. As they work together, a spark ignites between them that threatens to become an inferno. And the enemy is cunning, cruel, and drawing ever closer. As the danger escalates, so does the tension between them. Is a lasting relationship possible? Will either of them live long enough to try? For centuries, V has waited to awaken from his doomed sleep and reclaim his destiny.

But this Dragon King—one among a legion of legendary warriors sworn to protect the human race from darkness—must first find a way to win back his sword. Wield its power. And try not to fall prey to his own illicit desires. Claire may possess the beauty and soul of a goddess but V knows better than to mess with a mere mortal. Still, he instinctively knows that Claire is The One who can help him regain the use of his sword and restore his place at Dreagan.

But if she learns the truth about who—and what—he really is, her memories of him would be erased forever. How can V love Claire truly, madly, deeply…and protect her from the forces of fire and darkness that could destroy them both? Rafael is missing, with not a trace of him to be found, not even on the Timescape. Wounded, with a target still on his back, Kieren Moonring has been hiding in the last place his Morgon enemies might find him—the Sisterhood of Light.

In the human convent on the southern shores of Primus, his body heals quickly, but his soul is broken. Bitterness and fury fill that gaping chasm that was opened by the evil Larkosians. What disturbs her more is when he begins to uncover her past that is best kept buried. Her secrets will only lead to more danger for herself…and for Kieren. What angers him most about Liana is her unwavering belief that hope can cure the world. But if she wants her book to be believable, she needs to find someone to talk to about shifters.

The last thing alpha bear Cruz Miller wants to do with his free time is chat up a human writing a smutty story about shifters. Alex figures a job at a local newspaper working for a mild-mannered editor-in-chief, Jack, would be easy. In his world, ancient vampires lie in wait, and powerful dark spells threaten all that Alex holds dear. At least the Fae Brethren, four hunky men who can wield magic, swear to protect Alex. The guardian fae believe Alex is part of an ancient prophecy that promises to rid the city of the evil lurking in its shadows.

But if Jack discovers her connection to the Fae, whom she is falling hard for, he will use Alex to destroy them. For eleven years Nara and her mother were held captive by demons. When she and the other captives are saved by her long-lost sister, Remy, and the shifters Remy calls friends, her life changes, and suddenly Nara has options she never imagined, and a chance at a relationship.

Nara asks him to give her space to come to terms with her new life and decide what goal she wants to work toward. Grayson was only months away from his hundredth year and letting his animal take over and going feral. With a town such as Bloodmoon Cove, she certainly has a lot of potential tales to dive into.

Personally, I hope to learn more about the people that live in this secluded town and their ghosts. It is a place with volatile weather, suspicious folk, and newly awakened ghosts. Rafe Yager is a Native American. Though his family tried their best to keep him from harm, the hardened soldier still ended up becoming a ghost hunter by the young age of eleven. His visions and the ghostly voices really left him with no choice. The spell goes horribly wrong. To save Cori, Rafe must return to Bloodmoon Cove, where all his tribal elders disappeared. Upon entering what looks to be a decrepit house, Cori finds herself among such wealth and splendor; however, the house, as well as the Buchanan family members within, is surrounded by vile magic and horrid spirits.

Author Karen Wiesner brings back a taste of Gothic Romance to her readers in this spooky series.


Each spine tingling story within this series stands alone; there is no need to worry if you have not read the previous two titles. Trust me when I say that they are worth your attention though. I found myself going back and rereading sections just to enjoy the chill again. The two main characters are fully developed and is the focus of the story. The secondary characters are well developed, however, since they are not primary focus and would not help move the story forward, they do not get their own full back-story told.

I like this about the author. Why give lots of details on a character that readers may not ever see again? As I glanced through this section, I realized that there are summaries of upcoming titles in this same series. Be sure to check them out to get a glimpse of what happens next. I am eager to get my hands on them! But that friend was out of town for the weekend. Elijah sat shivering in the darkened home until a woman appeared out of a tarot card. Lenna Frost is Strength of the Major Arcana. She is pulled into the human realm and tasked with protecting Elijah.

Lenna is not supposed to be on Earth. If she is gone from Aeonia for more than five days, her world would cease to exist. Caine is a Hunter for magical beings. Emperor Jerrick has given him the duty of bringing Lenna back to Aeonia, as well as the long lost Alexandra Deck that made travel between worlds possible. Uncle Bobby has hired someone to find and kill the boy.

There was also a few other Hunters, sent by Veton, the Tower, to retrieve the magical tarot deck — at any cost. As time counts down, the odds of failure increase. Now that Caine has fallen in love with Lenna, failure is not an option. This is an outstanding tale, written co-op by two New York Times bestselling authors.

Elijah is adorable and the main couple has a strong chemistry which cannot be denied. I hope that I get to revisit Aeonia again someday. To their enemies, they were the Bringers of Doom. They have awakened and have arrived on Earth the Gaia realm. The Accession is near; however, the event has changed. These days the immortal no longer fight one species against another; they have allied into armies. And more, these immortals do not just take down primordials the alpha of each species. They assassinate gods. She is on the brink of becoming a goddess.

The soothsayer seems insane most of the time. The only real meal they receive is from Mrs. When the leader of a gang kills Jo, Thaddie is adopted by the Braydens. No one is more surprised than Jo when she wakes up as a ghost! But what exactly is she? Jo has never heard of a ghost that can be seen by others, can become solid when she wishes, possess others on a whim, or craves blood. Can vampires fade invisible?

No matter. Yet when Jo goes to collect Thaddie, he does not recognize her. Since her presence seems traumatizing to him, Jo leaves Thaddie with the Braydens. For the next sixteen or so years, Jo is alone, but always keeps up with the well being of her brother. Ruin Darklight the Insatiable is half demon and half fey. His blood is a fatal poison to others. He never expects to be attacked by a gorgeous woman, nor for that woman to drink his blood and live.

No, not simply live; she seems to crave it! He is unable to distance himself and wants no one else to possess her. But how can one hold onto a being that can disappear into thin air? Unlike the other titles in the series, this one is written to stand alone. New readers do not need to know anything about the prior events or characters; however, those who have read them will see glimpses of previous characters — especially those connected in some way to the Valkyries at Val Hall.

If you recall the wraiths that surround and protect Val Hall, then you are in for a treat. They may not be invulnerable after all. As for Thaddie, dedicated readers to the series have seen him before — briefly. I had totally forgotten him until the story reminded me of where. All-in-all, I foresee even more awards for Kresley Cole with this, the latest addition in the Immortals after Dark series. Someone needs to explain to me exactly WHY this has not been made into a television series!

He loved his dog, Charles, like a brother. Harrity was a gentle boy. It made him the target of bullies during his school years, and even after. Dennis Mulvaney was the leader of those bullies. One Halloween night Dennis got drunk and got mean. He killed Charles in front of Harrity, before sealing the traumatized young man in a cave. Every year since then, at least one person had disappeared in that area. It is also said that the dog brings Harrity one person each year to consume.

Rumor is that the cave is behind a waterfall and cannot be found until it wants to be. The boys do find the cave and begin pulling off the rocks blocking the entrance, but Troy becomes trapped in the rocks. His friends abandon Troy when they are attacked by something mean. All the while, a dog barked. John Kotter had left Bloodmoon Cove years ago to be a law enforcement ranger in Arizona. When his father died in the mountains, it put John in charge of Bloodmoon Cove Park.

Having noticed how well Esme had been caring for the park — and since his father had obviously known her — John offers her a job. If his father trusted Esme enough to allow her to stay in the park, that was good enough for him. From their first encounter, John and Esme are attracted to each other. But can John fully open up and let a woman into his heart after what happened to him previously?

And can Esme ever trust John enough to tell him or her past? Each night, all animal sounds halt. Then a lone dog begins his wild, eerie barks which are soon followed by the screaming of something evil. It is something that wants revenge after being sealed away for a hundred years. Now it is free and each night it sounds closer than the one before. This author has written many stories, in multiple genres, but I feel that THIS type of story fits her best. It has the flavor of an old Gothic Romance of which the few I still hoard will never be tossed out yet it can still be classified as a Christian Romance.

The characters are well developed. They never felt flat or two dimensional. The male has made mistakes in his past and tries to keep an open mind — be it about the living or the dead. If this is a taste of what the rest of the series will be like, then I refuse to wait a second longer to begin book two. She is eight months pregnant when she slips on ice, resulting in the loss of her unborn son. Cain throws himself into his work instead of facing the tragedy. He expects Amberlyn to deal with her grief alone. So it is no wonder that it is several days before Cain realizes that his wife has disappeared.

Amberlyn is at a loss for what to do. Cain is unsupportive and she has no one to turn to — except Daniel Reynolds. Daniel was her roommate a couple years ago, when she met Cain. Just as any good brother would do, Daniel gives her a place to stay until she can figure out her life. While looking at the newspaper, Amberlyn comes across a want ad for a nanny.

There are three children who have recently lost their parents in a house fire and are in dire need of guidance. Amberlyn is unable to stop herself from calling the number given for more information. Not wanting to be a bother to Daniel, she agrees to take the position, but stresses that she would only care for the children temporarily, until a permanent nanny could be hired.

Amberlyn intends to call Cain once she is settled into her new position; however, everything changes once Amberlyn reaches her destination. Bloodmoon Cove is a small town up north, on Lake Superior. The three children are currently living with relatives at Bloodmoon Manor. The manor is high in the mountains. Treacherous passes surround the place and the recent heavy snowfalls make the journey even more dangerous. The manor is huge, several stories high. There are no phones, no electricity, and the only real modern touch is that they have running water.

Amberlyn is completely isolated from the rest of the world. Amberlyn writes a letter for Cain, but it may be several weeks before Cecil, the gatekeeper, would be able to reach the manor again to pick it up and posting it; and that is only if the snow stops. Amberlyn takes to the children instantly, but everyone else in the manor makes her skin crawl. Other than the timid maid, Hannah, all the adults are harsh, cold, and often cruel. Hannah seems to know what is going on, but fear keeps her silent. Amberlyn and the children are not allowed to leave the house, nor explore it.

They are expected to remain only in the few designated sections of the manor. All the while, tales are being told of a ghost that haunts Bloodmoon Manor; a ghost which intends to claim Amberlyn as his own on the next full moon. There are so many of us out there that recall those old Gothic Romances with great fondness.

Those romances had a bit of the supernatural within them and, in rare cases, not all of them had a perfect ending. But that is what kept me guessing back then. Would there be a perfect and happy ending or would it end with a bit of creepiness? In the not so distant past, Gothic Romances came back but always had a happy ending with all loose ends tied up.

Again, so many of us loved them and yet the Gothic Romance would disappear for several years, reappear a bit different, disappear, reappear a bit different, and so on. Well I am thrilled to say that the Gothic Romance seems to be coming back again thanks to Karen Wiesner. Karen Wiesner includes a bit of the modern time. The story has the same spine chilling creepiness, but is set in the present time and includes modern troubles.

They care about Cain being hurt by Amberlyn, just as the two ladies before her did. The pair have not been married long, a couple of years, and Cain is adrift, unable to realize how much his distraught wife needs him. She creates well developed characters and gives each their own personality. I have read many of her books in the past — she has written in various genres — but I believe the Gothic Romances are her best ever.

Highly recommended to one and all. They use elaborate armors to protect their bodies. They hold metals — and especially gold — sacred. Each has a root power that is consider to be their soul. The Vrekeners are mortal enemies of the Sept of Sorceri, most of whom they consider wicked and unclean. They have wings and live in a realm consisting of floating islands, hidden above the clouds. The Accession is a time when all immortals beings in the Lore Valkyrie, vampire, shifters, fey, etc must fight and destroy each other.

This happens every five hundred years. Or right now… The Order had many Lore imprisoned on a hidden island and did horrible experiments on them. As this story opens, those Lore prisoners have been released. Many of these former prisoners want nothing more than to get off the island and return home. However, several of the Lore remains to slaughter as many of their enemies as possible.

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But the Vrekeners have been trying to kill her and her older sister, Sabine, almost all of their lives. Sabine has died multiple times and Lanthe has almost extinguished her root by healing Sabine and bringing her back to life each time. He has known since childhood that Lanthe was his destined Mate.

Vampire's Kiss Audiobook

But his father had killed her parents and the young Lanthe, in her anger, retaliated instantly. To this day, if pains Thronos to fly or walk long distances. Finally, as she tried to flee the island, Thronos has captured Lanthe. He will stop at nothing to claim her as his Mate or to extract his vengeance. You do not have to read the entire series to enjoy this episode, but new readers will find themselves confused quite a few times.

In this series, several stories are happening simultaneously; therefore, various places, people, and situation are explained only vaguely. A certain strange, almost insane, but captivating Valkyrie character plays a larger role this time around. Readers will see that she not only moves the main characters around like chess pieces, but she also has some of her own story told. A small glimpse! The plot and its execution are a bit predictable, but the tale is a joy to read nonetheless!

The Guardians have sworn an oath to protect the town from the horrors that lurk in the surrounding black woods. That horror often took the form of characters from childhood fables. Yet sometimes the evil came in the form of mythology, such as this time. Her mother is mentally ill. Her father is obsessed with his work. Caring for the house and her five-year-old sister, Dulcie, is all up to Chey. But late one stormy afternoon the unthinkable happens and little Dulcie disappears.

Chey spies the hideous ragdoll on the steps leading to the basement. Dulcie is never without the doll. Yet her father tells the police that Dulcie has never been in the basement. In fact, there is a steel door with bolts to keep his daughters out. Her belief is confirmed when her father breaks down and confesses to her that the Die Diep should now be appeased. Fifteen years pass. She simply has no money and nowhere else to go.

Her mother has long since died, so Chey plans to sell off everything and collect her inheritance before putting the town and all her old memories behind her. Then she could begin life anew elsewhere. She could try to forget her dysfunctional family, the horror of losing her baby sister, and the last few miserable years of her existence.

James Beck has never gotten over Chey. He has been unable to forget her and move on with his life. He understands why she left — mostly. She even begged him several times to leave with her. But James cannot envision living anywhere else. Unexplainable orange lights are appearing around the Welsh house at odd times. He knows he is not imagining things because his dog stares toward the house and growls whenever the orange glow flares up.

Now Chey has suddenly returned; but she looks unhealthy. What has happened to Chey? Does she plan to leave town again? And if so, can he survive her leaving him a second time? If you have not read the previous stories in this series, do not worry. You will still fully understand what is happening.

See a Problem?

Each title is a stand-alone story. However, those who have read at least a couple of them will be able to envision these events in a broader scope. The town and the evil are the only things connecting the stories. The Guardians have little involvement this time around, at least until late in the story. All the titles, especially this one, has the spicy flavor of the old Gothic Romances that I used to greedily consume. This story has romance, mystery, suspense, adventure, and horror all blended together.

Something for everyone. As usual, Karen Wiesner gives readers what they crave — and more. Basically, Mad will sometimes touch a vintage item and have a vision. Mad uses those visions to help solve crimes. She has learned how to, for the most part, avoid touching fabric.

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Even while hemming. A group of young people had been engaged in a scavenger hunt that may have ended with the death of a lady. Maddie turns to her boyfriend, Detective Lytton Werner, for help. Records show that Robin, a Vassar swimmer, had been swept away by a rogue wave on that fateful night. With no body found, she was declared dead seven years later. In order to learn the truth of what really happened forty years ago, Maddie will have to bring Lytton into the elite group of friends who know about her special gift.

But will he believe her or will their new relationship come to a quick end? Maddie has finally decided to move on with her private life, so Nick has been reduced to little more than a footnote or two. The author helps Mad identify people she sees in her visions by giving each person a nickname. Such as Grody, Vainglory, and Tagalong. When the real names come to light, those nicknames take on special meanings. You have to read the story to fully appreciate what I am trying to explain. Once again the author has penned another wonderful mystery.

I look forward to rejoining those fictional friends in the next adventure. Until recently, Edie served as a nurse at County General on Y4. This is the hidden section of the hospital where the Super Natural beings are tended to. Edie has dealt with werewolves, vampires, dragons, and more.

Ti, her former boyfriend, was a zombie. Asher, another former boyfriend, was a shapeshifter. The only thing that could save her is vampire blood. But Edie had been previously forced to destroy all vampire blood in the region. Just as bad is the fact that since Edie no longer works on Y4, the Shadows is no longer keeping her heroin-addicted brother clean. Edie lands a job at a clinic in a bad part of town. Not understanding Spanish is a big problem, but being able to think clearly and quickly under stress such as gangbangers with guns entering the clinic makes Edie a valuable asset.

Turf wars are common. One gang, the Three Crosses, is trying to get protection money from Dr. Hector Tovar, who runs the clinic. Her coworkers, especially Catrina, are not very welcoming and are keeping secrets. But friendship and cooperation can come from unexpected people and odd places. This may be the third title in the Edie Spence series, but it will not be the last.

Each book contains a stand-alone tale. Characters from the previous stories return in this episode; however, a reader does not have to read them in order to understand what is going on here. Author Cassie Alexander is definitely making her mark in the Paranormal genre! Nola, like most in her family, is a witch. She is a medical empathy, able to feel where pain is in another. A deathbed promise to her grandmother, Nana Fee, sends Nola on a quest to Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky, to locate and obtain four items called Elements before their rivals, the Kerrigans, could find them.

But Wainwright passed away and, since he never knew that he had a granddaughter, he left the bookstore to a vampire, Jane Jameson. Once Jane knows who Nola is and why she is in town, Jane and her friends begin to help the young witch in her task. The gorgeous man seems to have something against shirts and keeps turning up at the strangest times.

Even with the help of her new supernatural friends, Nola still might not be able to obtain the objects she seeks before the deadline. Molly Harper has a magical gift of her own when it comes to storytelling. The book starts out with sassy with that foretells how the story will continue: witty, creative, and just plain fun.

Some events are predictable, but for the most part, the author has done a great job of inserting surprises. A terrific blend of romance, a magical scavenger hunt, and comedy. He returned a changed man. To keep his grim horrors at bay, he and his fellow Hellraisers drowned themselves in vice.

Nothing could separate the five Hellraisers until the Devil himself grants them each a wish, a power. Each has a fire tattoo, the mark of the Devil, and it slowly spreads across their bodies. When it covers the man entirely, the Devil will own his soul. Two of the Hellraisers have already turned away from the Devil and found ways to retrieve their souls. One of their group, Edmund, is dead; killed by John Godfrey. Today, only Bram and John remain bound by their pacts with the Devil. Now Bram finds that he is magically bound to Valeria Livia Corva, the Roman priestess who raised the Devil the first time — and died to send the demon back.

She is a ghost, without substance and without feeling. But unless she can convince Bram to turn against the Devil, recover his soul, and defeat John, there will be hell on earth. And it is even more magnificent than I could have hoped for. In the second story, the author chanted a blissful mantra about love and sent out a wave of warmth and hope to all who read it.

Everything falls upon the shoulders of the man who had the least amount of faith and the woman who may be given a second chance at mortality. The end result is spectacular! Throughout each story of the trilogy, the author has given the reader a shameless, immoral man and thrust a strong and determined woman in his path. Each couple had their love tested by fire, often literally, and come out the better for it.

But Bram is the most sinful of the three male leads and Livia was not much better when she once breathed. The Devil is the only creature viler than John Godfrey. I mean, John was cruel in the first two stories, but he is evil reincarnate in this one. I ended up reading this entire book in a single afternoon. He is a deadly dual cardinal with impenetrable mind shields of obsidian and has the ability to split the world in two with ease. The lethal telekinetic is said to be aiming for a total takeover of the Net or to destroy it.

The latter would kill millions of people. No one, not even Kaleb himself, knew if he would end up destroying the very fabric of their race or not. It all depended on a single person — Sahara. And after seven years of constant searching, Kaleb has found her at last! Sahara Kyriakus survived seven years of imprisonment. The guards had obeyed every order from their leader. Yet no matter the pain or punishment given, Sahara kept her mind hidden deep within a mental labyrinth. She had consciously sabotaged her own mind and hobbled her abilities.

She refused to break and hand over her will, because whoever controlled Sahara could control the PsyNet. But now a man has teleported her out of the white room and into a huge home — a fortress. Even though her mind is still deeply submerged, Sahara can tell that the man is dark. This man is unable to feel any empathy or sorrow for others. So why does her subconscious feel safe enough to begin unraveling the labyrinth? Kaleb and Sahara were on opposite sides of the line that separated dark from light, good from evil. For a few short years, until she was sixteen, they had been friends. That friendship ended with her blood on his knife.

Sahara was close to death when she had been taken from him. Now that she was back in his grasp, Kaleb would never let her go. She belonged to him. Since I have not read any of the previous titles in this series, I can say from experience that you do not need to in order to fully understand and enjoy this story. The Psy, Changeling, and Human races are being attacked by Pure Psy, a shadowy group who seeks to topple the current power structure and dreams of a world enslaved by the Psy.

If you have read the previous titles in this series, you will be happy to know that past characters make cameo appearances. Again, the author does not lose focus on the main characters and new readers will not feel as though they are missing something. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this author! Author: J. Beck Title - When Blood Calls Prosecutor Sara Constantine has a promotion, but she is not too happy to learn that she must now prosecute Supernaturals, such as vampires and werewolves. The author has done a good job with how I believe a real person would react should she learn that Supernatural begins live among us.

But be warned that there are many secondary characters and it can become confusing trying to recall who is what or why and how something was done. I feel that some of the scenes are over-the-top or that the author is trying too hard to add in a shock factor. Yet, overall, this is a pretty good story. But on almost every day of her life, she is reminded of her own ordinariness.

She felt normal only while blending in with mortals at a college for a couple of semesters. That ends when she is attacked by a group of Vrekeners. The Vrekeners steal her power and then proceed to beat her to death. Bettina lives only because her medallion is used to summon her back to Castle Rune just before the killing blow.

Raum immediately proclaims that Abaddon would return to the old ways. Yet Cas sees her only as a little sister. Cas seeks the winged scum who attacked her for two months before Raum stops him. The Vrekeners live in the air territories, and each day Skye Hall moves. Finding them is near impossible. Failure has Cas visiting Dacia, a hidden realm where no one leaves, under penalty of death. Prince Trehan Daciano is from the House of Shadow, the assassin arm of the family.

He tracks Caspion to Abaddon and is shocked to find his Bride. The Prince of Shadow has to choose between leaving his fated Bride forever or entering the blood tournament to win her hand. Problem is that his Bride loves his prey. Killing Caspion, even in the tournament, would cause Bettina to hate him forever. Sorry fans, but only one Valkyrie has any cameo this time around; and I sorely miss those wild ladies. This new series will focus on the Dacians. As this story plays out, events involving Lothaire, the Enemy of Old, is also happening. Before this tale ends, Lothaire and his new Bride will take their places in Dacia.

Kresley Cole proves to all that she still writes with a poisoned pen or types on a lethal keyboard. No one knows for sure which is true. Multiple characters, each with their own individual personality and set of quirks, are seamlessly sewn together. Hmm, perhaps Cole utilizes a mystical sewing machine with a poisoned needle or a loom.

The Sept of Sorceri is one of the physically weaker species of the Lore, so readers will be more able to sympathize with Bettina. Without her powers, Bettina is little different than the average human mortal. The name of Kresley Cole is quickly becoming as infamous as the name of King Arthur! In his human form Dragos is intimidating enough, but when he shifts into his massive dragon form he is downright frightening.

Well, except to Pia. Her Wyr form may not be a dragon, gryphon, harpy, or anything that would ever strike fear into her enemies, but her form is rare and would inspire awe. As the book opens, Pia is en route to South Carolina. Her mission is to repair the Wyr treaty with the Elven Lord. But Pia also hopes to have a nice visit and perhaps hear some stories about her late mother.

Beluviel, his consort, invites Pia and her Wyr bodyguards to travel with her into Lirithriel Wood, where Calondir is meeting with an emissary from Numenlaur. Always the odd man out, Guy Falton was strange even back before the days of eccentricity being the "in" thing - but Andrew liked him nonetheless. Years and life after school had kept them apart Robyne Van Landingham owns a movie studio and has eveything that most men only dream of, including a ghost that begins terrorizing his studio and chasing away his staff.

Robyne's friend, Devon Wellington, the popular owner of the hottest Goth club ar Taylor Carrington has no friends. Very athletic and a member of his college's La Crosse team, no one cares about him. Taylor spends his time in an ancient and abandoned cemetery, called The Lands Down Cemetery. No one buried in the Lands Down Cemeter Two Years later