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A moving and spectacular tale of love, jealousy, and exotic travel, centering on three significant figures in the Surrealist movementTravel and exploration fascinated the Surrealists, who crossed continents marveling at their diversity. This riveting book retraces one of their most important and exciting voyages, made on the eve of the birth of Surrealism in Read more. After purchasing a rare book at an estate sale, thirty-three year Chicago trader Brad Mason finds something rather remarkable within its pages: a hidden reference to a lost treasure from a Spanish galleon sunk off the southwestern coast of Florida in Three of his best friends, Max, George, and Lou, convince Brad to seize the opportunity to have a little adventure, and after making the necessary arrangements, the four travel to Florida.

A rickety old boat, scuba diving equipment, and How to become an Undercover Pirate Remember - you're undercover! When Sam Silver and the crew of the Sea Wolf board a galleon looking for Spanish gold, they find it's already been stolen - by a ghost ship! Can our pirate heroes outwit a ghostly crew or is the treasure gone for ever? With this long-forgotten masterwork, Timlin, an obscure South African architect, brought forth a magical intertwining of Burroughs and Tolkien. With 48 pages of calligraphic text and 48 color plates, it is a work of stunning design, illustration, calligraphy, and overall conception.

Expert skills are now accessible to all ship modelers in this book by Mike Ashey. You'll find hundreds of step by step photos to guide you from basic assembly techniques to painting and weathering, detailing, masking and display. The book features a color gallery of finished models for reference and inspiration. HMS Warrior, launched in , was the first iron-hulled, sea-going armoured ship, and for many years was the most powerful warship in the world. Rescued a century later from her role as a refuelling hulk, she became the object of the most ambitious ship restoration project ever mounted and is now afloat and open to visitors at Portsmouth.

As is the case for many historic ships, however, there is a surprising shortage of informative and well illustrated guides, for reference during a visit This richly illustrated book is destined to become the reference book on ships of the Antarctic. Surrounded by some of the most hazardous seas, Antarctica was first sighted less than three centuries ago. Since then, hundreds of ships have voyaged in Antarctic waters, challenged by poorly-charted waters, storms, pack ice, icebergs, and disease.

Schmidt, illus. Springman, illus. Gregory Christie, a profile of artist Bill Traylor, a former slave who at age 83 began to draw pictures based on memories of his rural Alabama life. Tu Books plunges into the season with Vodnik by Bryce Moore, in which Tomas returns with his family to Slovakia and discovers that a vodnik—a water creature of Slovak fairy tales—wants to drown him, pitting Tomas in a fierce life-and-death battle.

Carolrhoda Lab casts a wide net with Catch and Release by Blythe Woolston, about two young people who share their fondness for trout fishing as they cope with fallout from a serious outbreak of illness in their town; Drowning Instinct by Ilsa J. Bick, a novel exploring the problems surrounding the relationship between a damaged teen girl and a troubled older man; No Crystal Stair by Vaunda MicheauxNelson, illus. Service, illus. Nelson novel about a virus that has killed everyone on Earth older than age Cleary, a word-usage book. LB Kids has its arms open wide with Hugs and Kisses by Rachael Hale, a board book featuring photos of animals sharing hugs and kisses; Hug Time by Patrick McDonnell, a board book edition of the picture book; Kaleidoscope by Salina Yoon, a novelty title that is part book and part kaleidoscope; Riding in My Car by Woody Guthrie, illus.

Nivola, a biography of the American explorer; Paiute Princess: The Story of Sarah Winnemucca by Deborah Kogan Ray, the life of this pioneering figure who published the first book by a Native American woman; and Various Positions by Martha Schabas, a debut YA novel about a gifted ballet student balancing her studies with her sexual attraction to her instructor.


First Second is armed and ready with graphic novels Giants Beware! Neal Porter Books hits the campaign trail with Bad Kitty for President by Nick Bruel, in which Kitty wants to lead the Neighborhood Cat Coalition; Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, which examines objects and their relationships to different shades of green using intricately crafted die-cuts; Mr.

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Stead, an ode to the stirrings of spring. Kimmel, illus. National Geographic is more powerful than a locomotive with Superman vs.

Sheep on a Ship

Price Stern Sloan serves up some ham on wry with The Onion Mad Libs , concept created by Roger Price and Leonard Stern, a fill-in-the-blanks book from humorists at the satirical news outlet; Madagascar 3: The Novel , inspired by the movie in which animal characters join the circus; and Tag This! Warne waddles into spring with novelty titles featuring the characters of Beatrix Potter, including Peter Rabbit: Hello, Peter!

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Random House hopes you will enjoy the show with Sgt. Ember takes spring enrollment with Les Chevaliers by Christine Hung and Emily Seife, a tale of privilege and secrets set in a Swiss boarding school. Welsh, a companion to Mistress of the Storm , in which Verity and her friends are tangled in a tale of evil, intrigue, and lost love.

Bunny—Detectives Extraordinaire! Bunny, trans. Scholastic stares down danger with Dear America: The Boldest Mask by Susan Patron, a Wild West adventure in which a girl faces a ghost, vigilantes, and a mysterious stranger as she tries to prove that her father is still alive. Michael di Capua Books aims its telescope to the night sky for The Moon Over High Street by Natalie Babbitt, in which year-old Joe has to choose between his passion for astronomy and the chance to be adopted by a millionaire.

Graphix wags its tail for Dogs of War by Sheila Keenan, illus. Arthur A. Levine Books blossoms with Irises by Francisco X.

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Stork, in which two very different sisters find new freedoms after the death of their repressive father; Just Behave, Pablo Picasso! Scholastic Nonfiction logs on with Profiles 3: Tech Titans by Carla Killough McClafferty, featuring biographies of six prominent figures in the technology world including Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; Penguins , new to the Discover More line of reference books packaged with a free companion digital book; Scholastic Reader Level 3: Remembering the Titanic by Frieda Wishinsky, a history of the ship for early readers to commemorate the th anniversary of the tragic sinking; 20 Questions 1: Why Do Feet Smell?

PUSH checks the bulletin board for The List by Siobhan Vivian, about an annual list that divides a school into three groups: the prettiest, the ugliest, and everyone else. Smith, Jr. Little Simon celebrates the season with Baby Loves Spring! Nacho Cheese Man! Margaret K.

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