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Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview When the Devil abdicates the throne of Hell the netherworld is thrown into disarray. It's not surprising that many of the damned try to use the chaos to try and escape the smoldering cauldrons of damnation, but Pete's best friend is a demon, so he succeeds where many others fail.


Once back on Earth he wants nothing more than go track down his old friends, family and lovers and resume his old life. Unfortunately for him, the conflict below is boiling over and it's only a matter of time before Pete and his best friend Dante get pulled back into the infernal war. The Devil's chosen successor isn't popular with the legions of Hell. The Angel of Death has gone mad. Baba Yaga is planning something, though nobody is completely certain what she's planning.

Lost and undone son of perdition; or, the life and death of Judas Iscariot

On their quest to restore order to the discord of hell they meet a variety of angels, demons, alchemists, eldritch abominations and a variety of figures from European mythology. Can Dante and Pete calm the looming conflict? Or will all Hell break loose? Product Details About the Author. About the Author Joey Peters is a writer, cartoonist and beauty contest champion. He is most well known for his epic reimaginings from the Golden Age of comic book history, "Attack of the Super-Wizards" and "World's Greatest Lumberjack".

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He lives in Boston with his wife and forty-two overfull book cases. State Senator has concerns of being named in the probe. Sources tell MyrtleBeachSC. Few locals, however, are even aware of the state-wide probe. The probe has ensnared key S.

Speaker of the House — Bobby Harrell, S. Richard Quinn is considered among the most powerful men in S.

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  7. Edge was allegedly on the payroll of Richard Quinn, the S. Quinn is accused of using legislators to pad the pockets of his clients, prosecutors told a court in Columbia at a bond hearing on October 24, The tourism lobby, represented by Brad Dean and Steve Chapman of the Grand Strand Business Alliance , has been working overtime to ensure their candidates get re-elected this Fall.

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    No, it was the value of years, the minimum time they would take to return if they corrected the route at that moment, it was the figure that represented their failure, their doom, and death together with each one of the people who accompanied them in their nefarious journey. A few days after the supposed landing on the alpha planet, Dan with mixed feelings decided to face all his team and tell them the truth.

    They would never arrive, and they are wandering aimlessly in the universe. At first the denial took hold of the discussion, each one thought in his own way that it was some exaggeration, they tried to make sketches of recalculations that could save them, they looked for external solutions, among other options.

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    After a day of bombardments of useless ideas, they were submerged in an intense depression, they felt dead they are alive, without conscience, being thinking, and without soul, being missing those who loved most. By then, the return would cost years. Death was imminent. All decided not to return, it was risky, and very possible that by not having fuel available, the ship would violently impact the alpha planet, and even if this did not happen, there would be no one waiting to claim their lifeless bodies.

    The decision was made, but the fact of not being able to say goodbye to their loved ones ate away at the consciousness of each one of them. It was the coldest and most indifferent farewell that your lives ever presented to you, despite mourning the loss that your minds created for you, your life continued, on that journey that would take you to the end.

    After Dan showed us the calculations he made to correct the journey, I reassured myself, I have always trusted him as a scientist, and I have corroborated that, indeed, there is no possible way to return home alive. I'm still locked here in one of the rooms, I don't know if it will kill us first, if we run into some asteroid belt or lack of supplies.