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Thanks so much for ordering my books. Early this afternoon I signed and mailed Love is Eating. Please let me know when you receive it. Wish you a peaceful Easter. Un abbraccio, Paola. Cooking with Paola was certainly one of the highlights for my family and I when we visited Lake Como recently. We expected a cooking course, but what we got was an exceptionally talented lady who definitely knows the science of food teach us beautiful dishes that we will repeat for years to come. In addition, we were welcomed into her Italian home with her family.

Her husband and children are fabulous hosts and we ate together which was truly special. In addition to this, Paola gave us so many restaurant recommendations and organised a separate wine tasting evening for 11 of us. We will definitely be visiting again! Finally, we recommend the cooking books — I have been cooking at least 3 dishes a week from the book!

Paola is an inspiring lady and we were very lucky to cook with her! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. It was such a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful family. Your daughters are very sweet!!! We often still talk about the great time we had all together. Next time you come to Lake Como you will be our guests. Cooking with Paola was the birthday present for my girl, passionate in cooking and willing to become a pastry chef on day. I wanted a good cooking class for her with possibility to take part to the process and I was searching for a personal touch.

In this cooking class, you really cook under the professional supervision of Paola. I think kids are objective when they describe something so I will share here what my girls wrote about the experience we had with Paola in July She welcomed us in her house and made us feel like at home. First, we sat in the living room and had a conversation to get to know each other.

Then we started cooking. So if you go there you will feel like at home. In addition, not everyone who is coming is obligated to cook! Now about the food. We cooked a typical Italian dishes and we have made a full menu: the entree, the pasta, the sauce, the meal, the vegetables and the dessert! We choose Paola because, like she said it herself — she offers a full balanced Italian menu, and eating with an Italian family so that the Italian atmosphere can be fully felt, not like the other Italian food classes, where they only teach you how to make pasta, and not what to combine it with and how to serve it.

Everything was awesome! Thank you to the whole family for that amazing experience that I will never forget! The conversations on the table were fun and easy going. Thank you Steven, Raquel and Michael. Thanks so much for choosing my class and being with us. We had a great time with you guys. You, your husband, Stefania and Ivana are wonderful people. I was so happy to share my knowldge with Stefania, I think she will become a great pastry chef because she is so passionate.

Passion is what makes the difference. Stefania, please follow your dream. Ivana, merci pour vos bons mots. Radostina, you are a very special person and have a great family. Please let me know when you come to Como again. You are welcome to my house. Love, Paola, Steve, Michael and Raquel. Your email address will not be published. How does it work? I teach in English or Italian, using both metric and imperial measurements. Visit to the local market optional Italy and many other Mediterranean countries have big street markets. Menu You will be welcomed with an appetizer and a glass of prosecco just to set the atmosphere.

Where does it take place? Fresh, seasonal and healthy ingredients always make better recipes. Cooking with Paola in Lake Como Italy. Paola measuring some sugar during a cooking class in Lake Como Italy. Learning how to make a delicious dessert - cooking course in Lake Como Italy. Grating lemon zest - cooking class in Lake Como Italy. How to prepare a delicious strawberry jam - in Lake Como Italy. Paola's lessons are based on healthy and seasonal ingredients - Making zucchini spaghetti, in Lake Como Italy. Interesting cooking experience with Paola in Lake Como Italy - Making zucchini spaghetti, light and healthy dish.

Making fresh buckwheat pasta - cooking lesson in Lake Como Italy. Michael my son and assistant making fresh pici, a typical Tuscan type of pasta. Thanks Sophie! It was a lot of fun cooking with you guys! Cheers, Paola. Look forward to cooking you guys. Serrano, D. Dear Christine and Zach, Thank you so much for your sweet message. Please feel free to contact me anything you need about Italian cuisine. Do you offer classes for a family with two young children.? Hi Jackie, Thanks for your request but my house is not baby-proof anymore, therefore I prefer not giving cooking class to family with young children.

Hi, Do u have a class for availability for 4 people between Aug? Thanks Maxine. Hi Maxime, I have availability on August 31th. Hi Carl. I replied to your email. I sent program and pricing. From Sally Booth — Ciao Paola, We were so lucky to have found you and the opportunity to take your regional cooking class. Hi Eman, Thanks for your request. I wrote you an email with all the info requested. Thank you for giving us these beautiful memories that we will always hold close to our heart. Best regards, Deb and Curtis Gorrell. Cooking-class with Paola Lovisetti Scamihorn for me was an unforgettable experience!


Highly recommended. Dear Paola, Allen and I are back stateside after a wonderful trip to Italy, culminating with our visit to Como, where we met you for a special day of cooking, conversation, and sharing a delicious meal. With warmest regards, Kirsten and Allen. Dear Kirsten and Allen, It was my pleasure meeting you and cooking together. Dear Jasprit and family, Thanks so much for your lovely comment.

Thank you Steven, Raquel and Michael An enormous thank you from all of us!!! Hope to see you again. Dear Radostina, Thanks so much for choosing my class and being with us. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Follow Follow Passion and cooking Get every new post on this blog delivered to your Inbox. Join other followers:. We have many perfect spots in our yard begging for something to take them over and this vine is just the ticket!

Beautiful and useful. Thank you so much. If you grew the plant from seed or transplant, then check to see which species that you purchased. Many nurseries sell ornamental passionflower species that are not edible or medicinal. Strictly Medicinal Seeds is a great resource for medicinal seeds and live plants. Hi Juliet, can you help me find some more information on how Passionflower works to treat anxiety?

Passion flower

Passionflower is what we call a nervine, which is an herb that supports the nervous system. For general anxiety, I would take a tincture of the plant in the dose given in the article. You might be interested in these studies published on PubMed about passionflower being used for generalized anxiety disorder and about passionflower improving sleep quality.

Very depressed. So tired of it all! The best course of action would be to see a clinical herbalist who would tailor their dietary and herbal recommendations to your constitution, lifestyle and health. The American Herbalist Guild maintains a directory of professional herbalists, which you can access here. You can also check the Links page on our website to find graduates of our programs who do clinical work.

It might be worth considering acupuncture or naturopathic care. Note that we cannot offer personal health advice due to legal restraints. I wish you the best on your healing journey! I just bought the plants living here in TN. How is the plant used for tea specifically? Leaves, stems, flowers? How much and how to do it correctly. You can use the leaves and flowers of Passiflora incarnata to make a standard tea infusion. For complete directions on making infusions, please read my blog post Herbal Infusions and Decoctions. Wonderful article?

Am I able to use it traditionally? I am living in Puerto Rico and that is what grows here. Hi there! Is your passionflower infested? If it does have a pest problem, then depending on the pest, you can try a soap spray. Soap sprays are commercially available under a number of brand-name products, including Safers Soap.

To prepare your own spray, dissolve 1—3 teaspoons 5—15 ml per 1 gallon 4 L of water.

Be sure to spot test, as soap sprays can irritate many different species of plants. I really enjoyed your article and have only had my Passion flower plant for a few months. The cutting I was given was one stem with root. The seeds are inside the mature fruit, which is that big green orb in the photos. Hi Juliet, I am just coming back to my herbal studies after many years hiatus.

I have an amazing garden which is graced by a beautiful and flourishing passionflower vine that I would love to take advantage of medicinally. Do you if this varietal is used for medicine? After two days of freshly planting a passion vine… found it to be totally devoured not a crumb left… any idea what could have eaten the entire plant? Caterpillars are quite fond of passionflower! Other insects, like beetles, also enjoy chowing down on passionflower leaves. See the post to read about the relationship between passionflower and the gulf fritillary butterfly, and how we manage it.

Dear sister JB. OOO You are a very wonderful and sincerely gifted writer,since i ventured into your site and read your articles about medicinal herbal plants. For me! I wish to show my gratitude to God for you and your family I remain! Hi, I was wondering what you harvest for tea. Is it the leaves or JUST the petals of the actual passionflower, or both?

Thank you! PS-thanks for this blog! Hi J, Im glad you are growing passionflower, it is such a beautiful plant. I think it may overwinter for you with no protection, I have seen it growing further North when it is in a city with all the extra heat. You can certainly make hot tea from the leaves or ferment the leaves they have a mild flavor. If it does survive this winter, you may get more flowers next year if the plant is bigger. Congratulations on your engagement, thats wonderful! I loved reading this article on Passion flower. It is one of my favorite plants as well, works so well with circular thinking and insomnia for me and Marek.

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I loved hearing about the ant protectors this is an amazing relationship, and so sweet to know that it supports the beautiful butterflies growth synergistically as well. The one I bought from you this year at the herb fest is alive and well it a pot on our porch. Do you know if it winters over indoors if I bring it inside, or is it better to plant it in the ground?

Thanks for the lovely article! Uma, It does overwinter outdoors in our area, prefers full sun and something to climb up or over, i have overwintered it in our unheated greenhouse in a pot but never indoors, not sure how it would like it…. Love to you and your family.

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Thoroughly enjoyable article…Informative, funny, well documented and full of beauty. Just like you! Thanks so much for taking on such intensive work and offering it up for free to our plant community…We are very lucky for thee…Wondering about similar uses for other members of the Passifloraceae and if they might be cultivated around WNC…For instance our other native Passionflower the much more demure Passiflora lutea? Not nearly as common so would need to be grown intentionally rather than wild crafted like P.


Yes, I was wondering the same thing: what about our native Passiflora lutea Yellow Passionflower? Some other food plants produce cyanogenic glycosides too. Passiflora incarnata grows abundantly in most places where P. Confusion is common on the web and in popular herb books regarding the medicinal uses of various passionflower species, with many authors simply inferring that any passionflower is used the same way as Passiflora incarnata.

The genus is biochemically complex and varies among species, so experimentation on species with unknown traditional uses is not recommended.

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Right, Juliet, I agree. More research needs to be done on it! So many cool plants out there, so little time…. Kim, I nibble on the leaves sparingly as I just cant conceptualize of them as a major green. Journal of Cherokee Studies 2 2 p. Cherokee Food Vegetable Leaves parboiled, rinsed and cooked in hot grease with salt as a potherb.

Cooking Classes with an Italian health coach at Lake Como

The University of Tennessee, M. Thesis p. Thank you very much for the article. I have search for seeds to grow the plant here in Sweden but I do not find any. Where can I buy some? I would try Horizon Herbs first choice or prairie moon nursery in the US, not sure about European suppliers of the seed, good luck! Exquisite pictures and wonderful writing — thrilled to have found your blog — thank you! Has anyone else tinctured the root? It was official in the US Pharmacopia as mentioned, so I did a small comparison a couple years ago. Deb, do tell….. Look forward to learning more..

I do so love learning along side beauty, which you have combined here.

Thanks so much for sharing! Thanks so much for this article. I planted two vines in early spring. They have been the major food source, first for Gulf Fritallary and now for Zebra Helaconian. While the vines have pretty much been devoured between the two, watching the life cycles of the two has been fascinating! Beautiful, fascinating, loving, AND humorous! I would only add, that I find for cases of chronic stress and insomnia, regular use seems to help unwind the nervous system layer by layer, perhaps preventing future, and easing neuropathy or fibromyalgia….

And Matthew Wood -type doses of drops of tincture under the tongue can be very effective…Ashwaghanda would be its closest analog…as different as they are! Wonderful article Juliet! I too feel a close kinship with this beauty. I have several of these beauties growing in my yard and now propagate and dissemenate them among the community.

Me too! I already gave to 6 neighbors thinking about to please butterflies…They grow so strong and fast here in the Golf of Mexico, I think they love the humidity that we have. I Brasil we make pies with concentrate juice of the fruits. LOOOve everything in this plant. Love it. Thanks… And, I also read that the indigenous to this land…made a tea from the pulp and strained out the pulp and seed…to drink… I have made this a few times…sweetened with honey and cooled with some ice on a hot summer day — yum!

Enjoyed this concise info… I read somewhere that Passion Flower is pollinated by Bats… Therefore I have never planted it — But reconsidering….. Maybe the Bats will find me. Love this plant…….