Mystic Twine: Musings of Mind and Spirit

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Canadian musicians impress me with their work ethic and way of doing things. When reviewing the bands Terrorista and Outer Rooms; I was amazed by a concept they produced: doing a split-cassette release. The two bands each took a lead on one song- whilst the other band did backing- and put that two-song production on a cassette-only release. I have not heard a band recently anyway that has released a cassette- it seems quite a strange thing in this digital age. A charming and unique way of selling the music; we need more acts like this.

Clara Engel is releasing her new five-track E. Whilst her songs are available across SoundCloud and YouTube; I was impressed by the physical release decision- few other musicians are as forward-thinking and bold. In a time where every new songs seems to bypass C. I love album artwork and the beauty of an actual product- something you can hold in your hand and play. When you get a C. Violetta is a Mad Bird was unveiled a year ago and was a track that struck my hard. Such a haunting and memorable vocal; you get that spectral guitar propelling the song- creating an odd atmosphere and shadow entrance.

That central vocal gives respect to the music- lets it play and create its atmosphere- before coming into the fray. A quivering and emotive performance; evocative imagery and an entrancing overall- you have a song that remains long in the memory. Demonstrating her lyrical prowess- able to fascinate and compel with few words- you have a song that is very hard to ignore or forget. Gorgeous and funeral-like; the track is slower and more emotive than Violetta is a Mad Bird - you get contrasting sides to the Canadian songwriter. The composition has eeriness to it- quite subtle but hugely powerful- whilst that central vocal is utterly beguiling.

Turkish Love Song is another gem from Engel; it begins with finger-picked guitar and a beautifully tender mood. Our heroine has been crying- exhausted and in need of some hope and salvation- with that vocal once more becoming quite central to things. A track that shows openness and soul-bearing; it is never too personal or singular- every listener can get a sense of what is being sung. Over the past year Engel has increased in confidence and inspiration. Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss is more adventurous with compositions. The new music sounds more fascinating and deep than previous work.

The compositions take in more Blues strands to create something layered and different: existing fans will love the new songs; new fans will be drawn by the range and diversity that is present. With exceptional production values throughout; it is an E. This rate of progressions means future releases will be exciting indeed. I am not sure whether there are more releases mooted for or if touring and promotion is on the agenda- but I cannot wait to see more material from the young artist.

Her latest release proves she is one of the most singular and stunning musicians in all of music. After initial distortion and echo a sharp and plinked electric string emerges- giving some initial urgency and fascination. As that introduction develops and continues; our heroine comes to the microphone to deliver one of her most still and sensuous if that is the right word?

As with every Clara Engel composition; the lyrics conspire deep thought and interpretation. Those initial sentiments provoke some vivid images and dream-like scenarios. One part of my thinks about serenity and entrancement- blissed-out and floating away- whilst the other looks at another side- perhaps there is a sense of self-destruction and anxiety that is being created. The composition consists a funeral electric string sound that creates quite a haunting and gothic sound. The vocal is queen and is allowed to reign free. The lyrics become more fascinating as the song develops.

The poetic and oblique nature of the lyrics gets me thinking about harrowing possibilities and the upsets of life. Our heroine separates herself from the lyrics- I am not sure who has influenced the song- and passionately projects her words. Perhaps a relationship has broken down- maybe this is the vision of a nightmare- but you get gripped and enthralled by the lyrics. Whatever the origins and truth of the song- whether there is any autobiography in there- you are captivated by that vocal-and-lyrics combination- one of the most affecting Engel has ever produced.

This is one of the most straightforward of the tracks across the E. What you get is a still and emotional tracks that draw you in and makes you wonder what it is all about- Engel demonstrates what an exceptional and intelligent lyricist she is. By the closing notes you are still imagining those images and lyrics; what they are pertaining to- your head in spin.

A triumphant and stunning start to the E. Engel chooses to use the sophomore track as a mantra of sorts- certain lines are repeated for effect and sensation. The initial moments are reliably captivating. A soft and building composition employs tender guitar strings and a pattered percussion. With her voice smoky and gothic- ensuring every syllable and word hits the mark- you have a performance that is at once sparse and bare; you get plenty of emotion and layers to that performance too.

Our heroine wants to be laid in the sand; her heart has taken more than it can stand- is she talking about the dissolution of a relationship? Maybe life is getting heavy and suffocating; there is that desire to go somewhere tranquil and safe- be taken away and drift off. Whilst Engel does write lyrics that are darker and more anxious than most- a lot of the music showcases suffering and the need to escape- you do get redemptivenness and beauty in her music. That central voice is always intoxicating and dramatic; the lyrics are never one-sided and too literal- you can interpret events your own way and conclude your own mind.

It is said this uneasy spirit is choking her; her lover cannot reach her- maybe the spirit is an uneasy feeling or argument? In the final moments we get the vocal multi-tracked to create greater intensity and meaning- the song becomes more of a chant or battle cry as it develops. For those looking for emotional relief- and a song with joy and uplift- might want to look elsewhere. Whether Engel is using herself in the song- and that need to be engulfed- or she is part of nature, I am not sure. One of the most vivid and dramatic songs across the E.

You start to wonder just what those could reference- is it a relationship or emotional connection? Is it a nightmarish vision? With every Engel song, you are never given the true origins of the music- just left to arrive at your own decisions. As the track progressed, I became more invested in the words- those images really do stick in the imagination.

This song sounds like a tribal call; something you would imagine sung around a campfire at night- our heroine alone and imploring to the skies; wanting space to take her away. With every passing verse and arrival you get a progression of the story; a chance to interpret once more- Engel has some of the most nuanced lyrics across all of music.

Keeping her voice fairly unwavering and straight- plenty of beauty and dreaminess to be heard in those tones- you get another song that is immediate and ethereal- that begs for renewed investigation. The composition provides some electronic howls and pseudo-bellicose percussion; simple and unadorned enough to allow that voice to rule and be heard.

With the final verse in view- and promises of the trees speaking and the grass singing- I went back to thoughts of love. Maybe she is in a lonely place of confusion and insipidness- that burning desire to ignite a flame and be adored. The song continues to amaze and intrigue into the final moments- our heroine always desperate to find closure and satisfaction. Another one of those songs that demands you keep listening again and again- to get to the bottom of its true mysteries.

I Love an Evil Queen arrives in typically still and calm manners. Our heroine loves an evil queen; she wants her kingdom burned- you start to wonder again what is being ascribed. When singing about being overcome and submissive; perhaps our heroine is bereft and in need of some hope- perhaps overcome by the challenges being thrown at her. The composition here is more developed and stand-out than previous numbers.

Almost on a level with the vocal; you get uplifted strings and flourishes that add light and deeper emotions into the song- something almost romantic in its own way. Pounding on the looking-glass; our heroine draws us into her fantastical and dream-like soundscape- another track that immerses your soul and begs you come along for the ride. Whereas previous songs have a heaviness and suffocation to them; I Love an Evil Queen seems a little more accessible to newcomers- a good track to start off your investigation of the E. I jut away from hat pretty quickly but then stray to evaluate that decision.

Maybe the song looks at depression and that feeling of being overcome and frozen. Maybe the song is an outpouring or confession; a chat with a trusted professional- a chance to make some breakthrough and find answers. Whatever your interpretation; you cannot ignore the hopefulness that comes out in the voice- perhaps a need to change things for the better and find some hope. Although our heroine loves the evil queen; it is almost counter-intuitive in its proclamation- always fascinating to try and unpick the mysteries of the lyrics.

Those Blues guitars- quiet subtle but capable of producing a quiet storm- work wonderfully with the vocals; perhaps there is a pining for some urgent percussion- just to give the track that extra kick and acceleration. By the closing moments you are left wondering and conspiring once more- Engel never freely reveals her motives and truths.

Once a White Owl comes to bring the record to a close. In terms of introduction and composition we get a familiar sound and a consistency- ensuring the track builds and builds as it progresses. Tending to employ urgency in the lyrics rather than the composition you have a song that once more has detailed and fascinating lyrics. There is an effective and atmospheric guitar that builds in the back; propelling the vocal and helping to drive the mood.

Perhaps not as literal as it is intended- or maybe it is- there are again potential for dream-imagining and haunted emotions. It is this Light and the amplification of Love by humans like you and I that has made this possible. How amazing as I sit here watching it AND changing it by my simple awareness of it. I have tears flowing in appreciation with intense waves of gratitude flowing simultaneously between me and the universe.

This is Bliss. I now understand that if I do nothing more that stare out into the forest with nothing more than appreciation for what is, no matter what that might be, I am changing the world, changing the universe.

You have the Power to Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Yes indeedy!!! It is the purity of nature and our ability to be fully human that holds all the cards in this game called Life. It is our willingness to go deep and expand simultaneously that expands consciousness. We are the Master Creators of this Universe! Manipulation and control has no place in the New Earth. They were 3d concepts we utilized as learning tools which we can now put to rest. We have graduated to a new way of BEing with Life. We are creating anew. Our expanded consciousness is creating from the heart with the pulse of Love.

We have far exceeded our expectations when we first set out on this journey eons ago. And look where we stand now as Master Creators embarking upon a New Age of infinite Well-Being, prepared to thrive in ways we never thought possible, ready to create beyond our wildest dreams.

No wonder humanity is being held in rapture by beings from all over the Universe!! YOU are that Gift! Like a bard from ancient times, my music shares the lyrics of life to enlighten us to remember more of who we are. It forges a path deep into our heart to fill it with love and blessings when we need it the most. Then uplifts us to dance the joy and celebration of Life. I invite you to take a musical spiritual journey with me, relax into your heart free of time and space, fly to far away places on the wings of angels, dance with the stars, listen to the whispers of your heart and receive blessings from the Divine to attune to the Love and Joy that resides within you.

Whispers of the Heart. Embrace A New World. Music is one of the most powerful ways to get in touch with the creative essence of our soul. Whether we are creating music or listening to it, music opens us to the Divine to give that essence full expression, fostering a more joyful and expanded life. The magic of the harp quiets the incessant chatter to soothe the mind and uplift us through the difficult passages in life. Over the years, my music has become a form of journaling my spiritual path to embrace a new and ever evolving life. Thus, it gives me great joy to compose and sing the music that flows through me to open hearts to the magnificence lying dormant within each of us.

My passion is to inspire you to move through life with an open heart, in touch with the magic bubbling up from within you.

Guests on Mystic Musings

There is so much to celebrate as humanity is awakening to a more enlightened consciousness and I invite you to join me in embracing this new world. Crazy Love. Humans have been struggling with this thing we call love for eons of time, with broken hearts littering the very ground we walk upon. Some people simply walk away without looking back continuing a heartless life. Well this girl set out on a mission to dissect this thing we call love to get to the crux of this merry-go-round that continues to run out of steam as the music slows to an agonizing stop.

I tried on a multitude of different love hats. What did I discover after all that exploration? I realized that each of those hats were designed by someone other than me and none of them fit me. They all came with scripts and programs written by our parents, religion, friends, neighbors and the media. Each time I donned one of those hats I reacted from the wounded place within me adding to the script until it became so convoluted it was too heavy laden to wear anymore.

I experienced all forms of crazy love, the kind of love that requires you to love me before I can love you. Thus I took all those hats and tossed them out.

Articles and Musings – Power of Healing

Where did that leave me? It left me with a bare naked head. There was nothing to hold all those crazy words rattling around in my head anymore. I was fully exposed without any protection. Once you have the courage to stand naked without any protection, it allows your heart to fully open and the walls come tumbling down. Not so afraid that we will no longer dabble in love. When I finally decided that I wanted to love and be loved more than anything else, I made a total commitment to love. I surrendered to love. What I finally discovered is Divine Love. I invite you to pause here, take a deep breath and breathe it in with me.

That my beloveds is the very air we breath all the time. Divine Love is what some might call unconditional. Divine Love is what your GodSelf feels for you. Much like the first time you lay eyes on your precious child. In that moment you are experiencing Divine Love. A Love that is pure and untainted. How awesome is that!!! You are hurting yourself every time you judge yourself or another because your heart aches every time you do. And when you do, Divine Love will begin to trickle through the cracks in your heart to erode the walls from the inside out, until one day the dam will break and Love will flow freely.

Once that happens there is no turning back because your soul will not allow it. Love is ever flowing. You can ignore it for awhile but before long it will envelop you. Meanwhile some of the old programs and habits are floating around like debris in a murky pond. If you continue surrendering to Love, grace will effortlessly heal and dissolve them for you without having to dissect or process them. Not everyone is living in the flow of Divine Love and there are still arrows flying around out there in the world.

What to do? Dodge them as best you can without engaging. The only reason you recognize them is because they are triggering something inside of you that has not yet been fully loved by you. It can only be inactivated by taking responsibility for loving our selves, rather than reacting to the personal pain someone else is hurling at us.

When we can see their pain for what it is, their lack of love, then our love and compassion can flow more freely than ever before. Each act of Love that I experience adds more harmony to the orchestration. It never stops. My heart is here to love and I just keep Loving. And that my friends is the end of crazy love. Instead we are crazy in Love, Divine Love. A snippet of the whole can be take it out of context and called a fact.

So where do we find the truth? No matter how many facts you accumulate, there is no truth to be found in facts because there will always be one more fact to be considered. It used to be a fact that the world was flat. So in reality, there is only one truth. That is your own Inner Truth. By reflecting on how you feel. Discussions that are rooted in listening rather than defending.

When we listen with an open heart, we are open to hearing. Therefore, neither party is able to hear anything and it becomes in internal self centered dialogue in the gerbil wheel of the mind. I have to ask, what are we so afraid of that we need to have everyone agree with us and think the way we do? Until you acknowledge Who You Are, you will never be at peace, always looking for others to acknowledge you. When in reality, you are the only one that can acknowledge yourself.

These are all questions I asked of myself when I was blindsided by several people this last week during the disruptive energies of these two eclipses. Each time I choose to walk away. Each time my mind tried to argue that I was being a coward. Each time my heart was at peace because I did not choose to argue. Why would I do anything to disrupt my internal peace? Peace is something everyone hungers for.

But peace is not an outside battle. Therein lies the oxymoron. Therein lies the peace that passeth understanding. It has taken many years of practice to find this peace within myself, knowing when to speak up and when to walk away. So I thank those who blindsided me this past week. They facilitated these questions in my quest for truth, in my quest for peace. What if I told you the waiting is over…. What if heaven and earth are one in the same? Since both have been created by the Divine Creator, are they not both Divine? What if it is simply our attitude, our belief, or our religious programming that holds them apart?

We have been indoctrinated from the time of our birth that humans are inferior to God, born in sin and that our bodies are deficient. While I was in medical school, I realized how amazing our physical bodies are. Even with the crazy manipulations we thrust upon it, the heart still beats, the blood flows, the breath enlivens, adapting and thriving in ways we can not begin to imagine. I have no doubt that my physical body is God created and it is magnificently Divine in nature.

I continue to revel at the abilities of the human body with the wonderment of a child. I cherish my body. I nurture my body. And I honor my body as the vessel in which my GodSelf experiences life. And yet, my mind still doubts the divinity of my humanity. It takes a courageous person to stand up to the mind and engage in a new conversation, a conversation that is open to trusting the Divine. Since the vibration of the planet is increasing and my conciseness is expanding, I have days when I am floating through life with the realization and awareness that I AM the Divine, where everything flows with ease and grace.

When I drop out of that consciousness, being human feels harsh and all I want to do is recapture that state of being. My mind thinks it can, so it attempts to log it as a program to which it can return. But my GodSelf is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. It can not be captured, it can only expand and flow. Understanding this, when I drop out of this heavenly state of consciousness, rather than attempting to capture it or return to this state, I allow my divinity to flow into my mundane life rather then attempting to escape my humanity.

As the buddhists teach, carry water, chop wood. What others consider to be the mundane world, that which many of us want to toss aside in favor of the new earth, this too is Divine. Once we release the dualistic perception of Heaven or Earth, we realize there is something beyond this ideology.

There is HeavenEarth, the realization that all of life is Divine, the spiritually acclaimed as well as the mundane. For how else could the Divine experience life, unless it has a body of Divinity which is our magnificent physicality. With this awareness, my experiences of expanded conscious are lasting longer and the bouts in-between are becoming shorter. With a shift in perception and a commitment to my embodied enlightenment, what used to be brief glimpses have become my reality which continue expanding along with my consciousness.

I invite you to remove the veil between Heaven and Earth. There are no pearly white gates of separation. Once removed, the mind is exceedingly happy to be living HeavenEarth. Life is in constant motion, constantly creating itself.

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As I see it, we are creating in one of 3 ways:. And then I awakened to something more, something more expansive. At this point, I began attempting to manipulate and control energies consciously through my intentions and my attention to them, per my spiritual teachings. But even then, I was simply rearranging the world around me by recycling old energy. When our planet shifted out of duality, new energies began streaming onto the planet. These are Christed energies, pure energies, photon packets of Light that are activating our dormant DNA, kicking our brains into overdrive with the ability to create anew with infinite potentials.

Knowing this, I would wake up in the morning, feel into the energies of the day and follow their lead. There are times we are being overwhelmed via sun flares. There are times when the planet is releasing old energies via violent storms. After awhile I got tired of being buffeted around in the midst of this planetary transition.

I knew I was missing something because I believe in a life of ease and grace. And this path of creation was not easy, nor was it graceful. This is when I learned to align with Source, which is pure, smooth, easy and flowing with Grace. The way I do this is quite simple. I connect with the crystalline core of the planet through my Heart-space. I then connect with the galactic core via the sun through my Heart-space. THIS is the energy I use to expand and create. First thing in the morning, before my feet hit the floor, I make this conscious connection from which to create my day.

Whenever my life is no longer flowing with ease and grace, I take a deep breath and reground within my Heart-space. Interestingly, I will often find that the core of Gaia has shifted due to the inflow of Christed energy. Gaia had up-shifted, but I had not. Everything is accelerating and more frequent groundings are required as we acclimate to a new way of BEing by realizing our Self as Source, rather than a separate entity. However, with practice it is becoming my reality for longer periods of time. Thus, I no longer step onto the floor in the morning unconsciously allowing my day to create itself.

Nor do I care what the energies of the day are. How about you? As the year draws to a close, so many of us are breathing a huge out-breath of relief, looking forward to a new beginning. And yet, my heart feels light as a feather. How is that possible? I have to admit that the violence in Paris shook me to the core.

In reality, it was a grand awakening for for me. While others went into fear and anger, my heart exploded with compassion. Yes, I have compassion for the victims and their families, not just those in Paris but for all the violence happening in the world. Those who are in so much pain that they are obsessed with acting out in such violent ways.

When I first read about Paris, I was in such a state of shock that my mind could not comprehend such actions against humanity, therefore my mind disengaged in the overwhelm of it, allowing my heart to take the lead. And for that I shall forever be grateful. These acts of terrorism shook me to the core and at the core of everything is Love. Paris brought everything to light. Finally brought into the light. Yes, there are those who are spewing words rooted in fear.

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Ugly words are flying in all directions. But there are also those, like myself, who have awakened to more Love and Compassion. At the end of each year, I always spend some time in silence. Instead it is a time to feel into the current energies. This year, my heart is floating light as a feather. No longer stuck. Of course there are those who are still attempting to hang onto the old, but this antiquated energy has been freed and its collective momentum can not be stopped. So what remains in the center of this swirling vortex of chaotic energy?

The Love and Compassion to soothe humanity through the tough times of transition being experienced by those who are currently awakening. There is nothing we need do. We are not here to rescue. We are here to breathe new Love and Life into the collective consciousness and cheer everyone on as they rise from the ashes to discover their own sovereignty.

A community of victims will never survive, but a community of sovereign beings can rise to create a new world of Peace and Prosperity. The new year of is stirring the passion of my heart because for the first time in a very long time our Light is shinning brightly and Love is flowing freely. I am entering with my heart as light as a feather. Sharing is always appreciated I invite you to freely share my offerings with others.

Our physical bodies have become a war zone in a moment to moment battle with all the pathogens that inhabit it. Every time we get out of balance via overwork, stress, emotional or mental overwhelm, the body goes to war for us to restore our balance. Peace and wellbeing reign for a period of time. Then we join the battle by administering anti-inflammatories and anti-biotics to kill off the anti-bodies that the body naturally creates to restore our health.

That works for awhile, until…we throw the body so out of balance that disease comes knocking at the door with a vicious cycle of pain and suffering. Typically the term is used to describe an infectious agent such as a virus, bacterium, fungus, or parasite that causes disease in its host. Before we go any farther, allow me to define pathogen from a more expanded perception.

I propose that a pathogen is anything that can cause dis-ease or dis-comfort, which is simply our misalignment from Source. Therefore pathogens can include our emotions and long held misbeliefs which are embedded in our physicality and embroiled in our mind. Emotions are spurred by the indoctrinated beliefs from our childhood and templates carried in our DNA through our ancestral linage. Most of our beliefs are rooted in the collective consciousness, some of which have been so solidified they are treated like matter. These are the pathogens that have ravaged their tentacles throughout our our physicality.

The good news is….. New avenues of wellbeing are quickly becoming available to us as we expand our consciousness and embrace our wholeness. The LightBody creates a natural crucible for the alchemy of pathogens. Pathogens thrive in the darkness. Once the Light shines upon them this alchemical process effortlessly transmutes them. In many respects you are alchemizing the pathogens of the collective consciousness via your own personal process. But we can loosen the tentacles and dissolve the templates. That in and of itself will provide more ease and grace for everyone. Many will continue to hold onto the limitations of their minds and daily habits, but there is no longer any basis for them.

They will eventually transform into a more expanded consciousness or the person will eventually die of disease. Thus, pathogenic beliefs and emotional conflicts are dying out as the younger generation who are already wired with an expanded consciousness are stepping in, free of pathogens. With the alchemy of our pathogens the war is over. But the ancestral blood is currently purifying itself.

This can be uncomfortable physically, mentally and emotionally. Do not allow fear to run you amuck by getting caught up in perceived symptoms of illness. Trust your body to know when to seek medical advice, or not. Know that change and transformation is happening alchemically and allow it to pass without mentally engaging. Remember to nurture yourself, love yourself, and allow the process with ease and grace. Some of us are in the midst of this right now, while others will be experiencing it later as their bodies acclimate to the new Light vibrations showering our planet.

Recognize that each has their own divine path. Observe from your expanded consciousness through the compassionate eyes of Source without judgment, without any need to intervene or change anything. This is the ultimate Freedom of a Divine Human. This is your new LightBody!! Sharing is always appreciated. More about the LightBody: The integration of our LightBody has been one of the most exciting things I have experienced in my lifetime. I have chosen to be fully conscious with my own LightBody integration from both a spiritual and medical aspect as a licensed physical therapist.

The first eclipse, a solar eclipse, is in the sign of Virgo which is the sacred domain of the Goddess. There has been much talk about the return of the Goddess recently. How she has been wounded, trampled upon and disempowered. How we need to dig deeply into the shadows to heal her wounds. But the wounds that are spoken of are human wounds that have been taken on in the name of the goddess. They are not wounds of the Goddess. For the Goddess is pure Love and Compassion. The Goddess does not suffer. She does not bear wounds. It is only the perception of humanity that attempts to fling them upon her.

During this initial eclipse the Moon Goddess kisses the face of the Sun God in a blessing of healing for all of humanity. For those who feel old wounds arising, the Goddess asks that you turn them over to Her for healing rather than taking it upon yourselves to do so, for your mind is not capable of forgiveness. It is the heart of the Goddess that forgives and She always stands ready to heal with her infinite love and compassion to open our hearts.

Only then can humanity move forward in its sacred quest to reinitiate balance in our lives, individually and for the whole of the planet. In ancient times each kingdom was ruled by this sacred marriage for the good of the people. The king was the leader and protector of the people, and the queen the goddess in alliance with the earth who ensured the fertility and abundance of the land and the people. Since then, the quest for power has usurped the balance of earth. We no longer have a king as the protector of the people and a queen who honors the fertility of the earth.

We have turned our backs upon the blessings of earth, driven to survive through personal toil and suffering. With this Equinox the God and Goddess are stepping into new roles, offering us the opportunity to initiate balance and sovereignty once again. We are being called to honor the Sacred masculine and Sacred Feminine within each of us, and with each other.

We are being called to honor our Mother Earth in a renewed relationship with all the Elementals in sisterhood and brotherhood with all sentient beings, thus opening the infinite flow of abundance without the need to gain power over one another to survive. With the second eclipse , the earth is being embraced as the Holy Child between the the Sun God in Libra holding the balance and the Moon Goddess in Aries, giving birth to a new race of enlightened beings equal in stature to one another.

In addition, our solar system has entered a stream of gamma rays flooding us with the benevolence of the Universe. We are being bathed by an abundance of crystalline light from the cosmos as Blessings of Grace for all sentient beings. It is through this Christed Light that Divine Love is being restored within the hearts of each of us.

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  4. These gamma rays are increasing the vibration of the planet to activate our dormant DNA, expand our consciousness, and awaken us to All-That-Is. As children of the New Earth, new playgrounds await. Our passions abound and our joyous manifestations are imbued with divine wisdom. It is with love and gratitude that I honor her. And I bow to the royal God and Goddess within each of us for stepping into our new roles in unity with Source. You are welcome to share and distribute with others as you feel guided. A new world beckons and the calling is from deep within us, luring us into the grace-filled life our GodSelf knows we are meant to be living.

    As we all know, a world in transition is a world of chaos. The old needs to break apart to make space for the new. The old systems, beliefs, agendas, rituals and ways of doing things no longer align with an awakening heart and a more conscious mind. Conflict is arising between the old and the new. But we do not have role models for the new and exciting world we are beginning to imagine.

    We want change so badly we can taste it. At the same time, we fear the unknown. Every time we try, the bridge between the two breaks down from the weight we are carrying. Each time we plunge into the chaotic waters, diving deeply to release just a little bit more. Or, we return to our original shores attempting to fit back in again, to no avail because the old no longer works for us. Over the years I have found peace and grace in the mystical path that I have forged for myself during these times of transition.

    The other day I picked up a book about the monastic mystics. As a present day mystic, I was curious about the path of the ancient mystics. The beginning of the book was helpful in clarifying the intent of a mystic and I was able to fully claim my own Inner Mystic. Whereas my mystical practices instill the lightness of ease and grace in a world of chaos. As I contemplate this I realize several things. Because many of us have been approaching life from the basis of pure Love and Light the overall energies of our planet are now much lighter and supportive.

    As Renaissance men and women, we have broken away from the old beliefs, rules and rituals that have held us in place for eons of time. However, many of the psychological practices of digging deep to examine our wounds for healing and pushing through them have become an ongoing process, snaring us in an eternal mental and emotional loop. However, this is only true if when we approach it from a perspective of duality. If we take a step back from these processes, we realize the current expanded energies of Love are releasing the old density without our assistance. And it will because when the light shines upon our shadows they are ready and asking to be loved and released without being poked at before their time.

    It is our continual poking the stick in the mud that keeps it alive, rather than allowing the Waters of Love to simply wash it away. Many of the antiquated teachings and rituals that have been handed down to us need to be reexamined. But by throwing them all to the wind, we loose our base of support and our rudder in life. Instead our practices need to be continually lightened up to accommodate the new energies with new navigational skills because we are expanding so quickly.

    Meditation does not need to be a static activity. It can just as easily be a walk in nature, dancing, or whatever else leads you into the silence. With practice, silence itself draws you into the silence. It is in this space that infinite potentials rest, awaiting my awareness. Solutions to situations that plague me. And surprises to delight me. This is not a request for God to change things in my life. If there are bumps or boulders in the road, it is never about another person or other things.

    I share my spiritual practices as a springboard for you to create you own personal practices to move beyond conflict, especially during these times of transition. I remind you to allow them to be ever evolving as we create a new playground of Love and Joy. For I believe that has always been our purpose here on planet earth. And I look forward to celebrating it all with you… the conflict that creates new worlds…. When I attended medical school there was a clear division between the body, mind and spirit.

    As a physical therapist, we were taught from a scientific perspective. Psychiatry was taught from a mental perspective. Spirit was placed in the hands of religion. During my practice as a physical therapist, I was never able to separate these energetic bodies for I realized they were already integrated as their natural state of being. Then I encountered the New Agers with their talk about integrating our body, mind and spirit….

    But again, I did not see the emotional body as an entity of its own. Sometimes, the patient responded emotionally. Other times I simply felt it as energy flowing through my hands. As a result of treating many patients, along with my own personal experience, I see the emotions as the guiding system that has been interwoven throughout the whole body. When we do not heed these directives, the emotions become lodged in our physicality.

    The more we do so, the more dense and walled off they become. We have been taught that our emotions are inappropriate and should not be expressed.

    Power of Healing

    Thus, we have lost our guidance system. The only way to regain it is to unravel and clear the emotions that are stuck in our bodies. There are many ways to do this and we each respond differently to different techniques. So I shall not be addressing those here. Instead I wish to draw your attention to the amazing results of a clear emotional guidance system. The space-in-between your cells is a glorious place that holds seeds of infinite potentials. But when littered with errant emotions building upon themselves the density swells and solidifies filling all those waiting spaces that continually yearn for more Light.

    When you open your heart as the Divine temple of healing to embrace those errant emotions, to sooth them with Love, Compassion and Grace, the emotions spontaneously melt with your Love. Carried away with your sacred breath, the density slowly diminishes. The Light rushes in with vibrations anew and your consciousness can now expand. The space-in-between becomes available to embody more Light, enlivened and activated by your Divine presence. And the good news is…. Your only job is to open your heart and allow it to do what it knows how to do.

    Alas the LightBody will become illuminated, humming with new vital seeds and potentials awaiting your quantum touch as the Master Creator in physical form living freely abundant as infinite Light on a glorious crystalline Earth. I awoke to the glint of sunlight and the sweetness of birdsong wafting through my open window. Within a few minutes a menagerie of crows flew in creating an obnoxious ruckus.

    I could feel my adrenaline system kicking in with irritation, ready to hijack my day. In that moment of wakefulness I knew I had a choice. I could allow the ruckus to dominant my day or I could live the sweetness of life. I immediately went within and tuned into my innate Grace. I took several long deep abdominal breaths which shifted the flow of adrenaline stress hormone to the flow of oxytocin love hormone. Within moments, the crows departed and the birdsong once again reminded me of the sweetness of life.

    As I lay there listening to their invitation to enjoy the day, I realized this shot of adrenaline used to be my normal manner of awakening as my thoughts immediately turned to all the tasks that needed to be accomplished. The discrepancy between my blissful dream state and the confines of my physical body often resulted in panic attacks.

    I recall from medical school that the amygdala is an important part of the brain which regulates the responses of fear and pleasure. As cave dwellers this unconscious response was useful. And yet, our bodies are responding to the stress of everyday tasks in the same manner as cave dwellers. These continual injections of adrenaline eventually deplete our adrenal systems, compromising our health and wellbeing. We always have choice, the ruckus or the sweetness of life, stress or pleasure, adrenaline or oxytocin. A few deep breaths can flip the autonomic switch in your brain and instantaneously transform your day to day life.

    It really is that simple!!! The deeper you breath, the more oxytocin is released, until you become aligned with your GodSelf which opens the portal to your multidimensional Consciousness, your Heaven on Earth. With each breath limitations cease to exist, infinite possibilities reveal themselves, and stress melts away. As conscious creators, we have the ability to retrain our brain with the simplicity of the breath.

    Our daily lives offer us the practice of choice, moment by moment, until Grace prevails paving our Heavenly HighWay of Life. Just as the world has evolved, so has the path of the Mystic. At his or her very core, a Mystic is committed to their relationship with the Divine, recognizing the Divinity within everything, including themselves. There are no gurus or teachings to become a Mystic. For it is not an intellectual path, it is an experiential path. There is no seeking to become a Mystic, for your Divinity is always present. It simply a choice to engage with your Divinity, allowing it to reveal itself to you.

    There is no specific path of the Mystic for you are unique, therefore your path is unique. And since conscious is constantly expanding, so is Mysticism. Many years ago, I held a commitment ceremony with my GodSelf placing this relationship first and foremost in my life. Once I did, my life took a turn I could not have imagined. In hindsight, I now understand that move was the equivalent of my entering the convent to forge an intimate relationship with my GodSelf.

    Unlike the ancient Mystics, who cloistered themselves off from the world in a convent or monastery, I was being asked to engage more consciously with the world as my personal guru. By moving to a foreign country I was forced to become fully conscious in order to survive. Nor was I being unconsciously pulled along in the wake of friends and family anymore.

    • Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #82.
    • The Sci-Fi Writings, Mystical Visions And Musings Of Janr Ssor?
    • A Dance With Persuasion: How I Leaned To Sell From A Prison Inmate - An Interview With Ken Ellsworth;

    Thus I was required to find my way within a new culture. At the time I did not realize this was a Mystical path. I only knew that the pull to make this drastic change in my life was so strong I could not ignore it. The God within me was calling me home to my Divinity. Although I knew I would be leaving everything behind, rather than a sense of loss there was a sense of welcoming something more expansive. And the courage flowing through me at the time superseded the fear I had in taking the leap. The first thing my Inner Mystic revealed to me was the truth of Divine Love.