Mountain Tails: The lives and loves of my animal neighbours

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Two English mastiffs one male, one female have gone missing from their home their family just moved here from near Bear Springs in Eggleston. Th … ey both have collars on, but as they just moved here the owner was in the process of getting them tags with their new address. They are very friendly and their names are Maggie and Tank. A dog runs away. Picked up, safe at shelter and the owner is going to get him. He will either be tied out or put in an outside pen. I would run away too. Found dog!! Found near 84 Lumber. Wearing a collar and a rabies tag from Virginia Tech.

Male neutered. He has been taken to the Giles County Animal Shelter. Asking again to please share this post. Chico and Buddy have waited and waited and waited for their forever home. They are senior brothers and bonded. Buddy, the one with black likes to go on "walk-abouts" so, he needs a fenced yard. They are vetted and on monthly heartworm and flea prevention.

These boys are the happiest guys ever. Please share and let's get these sweeties a home! Also willing to transfer to one of my rescue partners. Awesome dogs!! Stephen … s Church, VA. The condition of the 20 adult dogs and 12 puppies rescued ranged from poor to near death. Five of the dogs were discovered barricaded inside a small, dilapidated camper. Both the camper and the dogs were covered in feces and urine. There was no food or water in the camper. The temperature inside the camper was extreme and without ventilation.

The remainder of the dogs were inside the residence with very little food and no water. The conditions within the house were such that the state Health Department and County Zoning Office were contacted. Both agencies responded to the address there were several health, safety and zoning issues. A hearing to determine if they will be returned to the owners is scheduled for September 20, in the King and Queen General District Courthouse.

Press Release Chief Deputy W. Balderson wrbalderson kqso.

Mountain Tails: The Lives and Loves of My Animal Neighbours - Sharyn Munro

Ears are straight, fawn is great. Ears are curled, fawn is alone in the world. Did you know this? Sammy is available for adoption. Not good with some dogs. Fenced yard required. Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. Always in our hearts.

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This little cutie was a rescue from Mountain Tails Animal Rescue. Look at her now. Queen for a day, but her moms pride and joy. First place winner at the Draper dog pageant. Months ago we rescued some pomeranians. We had health issues for some of them. Others were just fine. I never advertised one of them for some reason.

I was holding her back. No reason, just not looking for a home for her. My best out of area friend had informed me that Samson was doing poorly. He was later given his wings. We corresponded multiple times for many days and as time went on Ree mentioned she would be willing to adopt another special needs pom.

In a flash I knew why I was holding onto this girl. She would be joining Ree! She isn't old and not special needs, but I now knew the plan. Ree and Timmy were getting a puppy and we know they are special! Samson and myself last year, Marie and Samson. Marie and Joy. Sammy is a great little dog. We will check every reference listed and your vet history, and we will not adopt to anyone who gives misleading or inaccurate information on the application! We will not ship or fly our pets to adopters; you must arrange to come to us in person and sign the adoption agreement.

First Name Last Name. I exercise several days a week. I walk, run, jog, bike, swim, etc. I work out a gym, take exercise classes, or participate in fitness groups. I lead a very active lifestyle, even if I don't work out often. I would describe myself as fit and active.

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I would not describe myself as fit and active. I could stand to lose some weight. I am not interested in exercising. I cannot exercise due to a health condition. I am in a wheelchair. I use a cane or a walker.


I can lose my balance easily. I am a true couch potato! I can easily take my dogs outside. I am unable to lift or carry a small dog weighing 20 pounds or less. A high energy dog who jumps could easily knock me over. Even if I can't walk my dogs, I have someone who can walk them for me. I walk my dogs daily. I walk my dogs several times a week. I will hire a dog walker if necessary. I take my dogs to a dog park for exercise. I live in dog friendly walking neighborhood. My house is not located on a safe road for walking.

I love animals.

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For my children to learn how to take care of a pet. I feel sorry for it. I want a puppy. Special needs and seniors.

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Yes No. I agree. I do not agree to this. I have experience grooming and can do this myself.