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This maneuver is expected to last for about six hours and it will be repeated every 11 days. The highly elliptical orbit will also allow the probe to avoid most of the intense particle radiation surrounding the planet and will enable thorough investigation of Jupiter's polar magnetosphere. To study Jupiter's magnetic fields, UVS will make spectral images of the planet's aurora. The spectrograph is sensitive to both extreme and far ultraviolet light that will characterize the morphology and spectral nature of auroral emissions.

It will test our ideas about auroral processes to see how well our understanding based on experiences at Earth apply at Jupiter," Bagenal said. She hopes that Juno's measurements will teach us about the physics of space, what could be important for the commercial and other satellites we have up there, current and future. Jupiter is made primarily of hydrogen, and researchers believe that inside the planet there is an abundance of liquid metallic hydrogen—a phase of hydrogen in which it behaves as an electrical conductor.

Deep inside this giant planet, an intense atmospheric pressure turns the gas into a dense fluid. When the pressure becomes extreme, it squeezes the electrons out of the hydrogen atoms and the fluid starts to conduct like a metal. The liquid metallic hydrogen inside Jupiter transforms the planet into an enormous generator.

Due to this process, Jupiter's magnetosphere produces auroras that light up the planet's poles more brightly than any other planet. Few theories about Jupiter's origin that are currently taken into account, predict that the planet's interior could also harbor water. Juno could yield new information about the planet's possible watery interior. Juno could surpass the achievements of a previous mission to Jupiter, Galileo, which arrived at the planet in It was the first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter and it conducted intensive studies of the gas giant and its moons.

It investigated the planet's atmospheric composition and ammonia clouds, revealed the composition of its faint ring system and mapped the extent and structure of its magnetosphere. Juno could be more effective than Galileo, as it benefits from improvements in technology since its predecessor, and has much more focused science goals than that earlier mission. One thing is for sure—Juno is all about understanding gas giants.

Jupiter is their archetype, after all, and to understand them, we need to understand Jupiter. The Juno spacecraft was launched on Aug.

Nasa spacecraft reveals Jupiter's interior in unprecedented detail

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June 30, Credit: NASA. Provided by Astrowatch. Citation : How much water is inside Jupiter? This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Honeybees are math stars 8 hours ago. Relevant PhysicsForums posts Nobel Prize for first exoplanet discovery 3 hours ago.

Question on Galactic Rotation curves in Milky Way 14 hours ago. Coorbital question 19 hours ago. New Nasa images show a huge storm raging on Jupiter. An anticyclone white oval, dubbed N5-AWO, can be seen at the centre left of the first image on the far left. It appears slightly higher in the second and third images as it moves across Jupiter's surface. A 'tempest' storm known as the Little Red Spot is visible near the bottom of the second and third images.

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From left to right, the sequence of images were shot between am and am ET am and am BST on July 16 as the Juno spacecraft performed its 14th close flyby of Jupiter. Dubbed N5-AWO, the same storm can be seen travelling slightly higher in the second and third images as it skips across the surface of Jupiter, which measures more than ten times the size of Earth.

Another storm, known as the Little Red Spot, can be spotted at the bottom of the second and third images. The reddish-orange band that is prominently displayed in the fourth and fifth images is the North North Temperate Belt, a series of atmospheric jet streams and vortices. Juno has orbited Jupiter since on a mission to collect data of the mysterious planet's atmosphere.

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Several strong jet streams flow west to east in Jupiter's atmosphere, which are similar to Earth's jet streams. However, unlike on Earth where the jet streams meander across the surface, Jupiter's streams are more even, and there are no continents and mountains below Jupiter's atmosphere to obstruct the path of the jet streams. The Juno probe reached Jupiter in after a five-year, 1. The Juno probe reached Jupiter on July 4, , after a five-year, 1.

Following a successful braking manoeuvre, it entered into a long polar orbit flying to within 3, miles 5, km of the planet's swirling cloud tops. The probe skimmed to within just 2, miles 4, km of the planet's clouds once a fortnight - too close to provide global coverage in a single image.

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No previous spacecraft has orbited so close to Jupiter, although two others have been sent plunging to their destruction through its atmosphere. To complete its risky mission Juno survived a circuit-frying radiation storm generated by Jupiter's powerful magnetic field. The maelstrom of high energy particles travelling at nearly the speed of light is the harshest radiation environment in the Solar System.

The Great Red Spot May Expose Jupiter's Watery Secret | HowStuffWorks

To cope with the conditions, the spacecraft was protected with special radiation-hardened wiring and sensor shielding. Its all-important 'brain' - the spacecraft's flight computer - was housed in an armoured vault made of titanium and weighing almost pounds kg. The craft is expected to study the composition of the planet's atmosphere until Clouds of ammonia at Jupiter's outer atmosphere are carried along by these jet streams to form Jupiter's regimented coloured bands.

Unlike Earth, our Solar System's largest planet has no solid surface — it is an entirely gaseous planet, consisting mostly of hydrogen and helium. The region seen here is somewhat chaotic and turbulent, given the various swirling cloud formations, Nasa said. An international team of scientists, including from the Australian National University ANU , studied recent evidence from Nasa's Juno spacecraft which examined these layers of gases.

Experts say the interaction between Jupiter's atmosphere and its magnetic fields is responsible for the bright layers visible on the planet's surface. Dr Navid Constantinou from the research school of Earth Sciences at ANU's, one of the researchers on the study, said that until recently little was known about what happened below Jupiter's clouds.

It reveals water on Jupiter is far more common that thought.

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