How to Capture and Create your thoughts

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You may not see such a mind map elsewhere: Each branch is a structure. So allows you to express different minds in one mind map. Creativity is always so full of personality. You can make any graphic you want. All the mind maps are easy to be found both on your laptop and mobile devices, which allows you to access them any time and anywhere. XMind supports these modern formats. Exporting and sharing your mind maps to anyone instantly to facilitate your needs, no matter for meetings or reports. From startups to Fortune companies, XMind is the best choice for teams working on any project.

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How to capture & organize your thoughts

Export and share. Enterprise customers are happy :. Two Flagship Products. Rich Diagrams. Regardless if you are familiar with mind maps or not, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about this simple but powerful tool. A mind map is basically a visual diagram that allows you to connect information around a central concept.

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Almost always starting from the center, you use branches to connect things together in a comprehensive manner. As new information comes, you add on more and more branches, eventually building a full map of the concept you are mind mapping. Below you can see a beautiful example of mind mapping for the concept of time management:.

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A beautiful, visual-heavy, mind map on the topic of mind management. While color and images can play an important role in creating an effective mind map, they are not at all mandatory. In fact, I personally create very plain ones, where the only colors come from using a blue pen, a black pen, and a pencil.

Instead, I use mind maps to help me understand and grasp other things. You will see some of my own mind maps later on in the post. As we said, mind maps are great for understanding concepts and getting information into your head. In fact, they seem to be way more effective than simple text notes. One of the biggest problems in learning and understanding, in my opinion, is how linearly we learn. When taking notes from lectures, we tend to so in a linear way, and it then becomes hard to connect concepts that were taught at different times, as they are in far apart pages.

Mind maps allow you to jump around, both when creating the mind map and when reviewing it. This type of free-form, but focused, thinking allows for your creativity to flourish. It also assists your brain to connect various parts of the concept together, sort of like it would if you got into diffuse mode for a little while.

Note that this does not replace actually getting into diffuse mode. What separates mind maps from classic text notes is the use of visuals of some form even very simple ones and the use of association. Both are immensely powerful factors in retaining new and old information. Mind maps incorporate both by definition. Especially association is the very essence of mind mapping, which shows through the use of branches to connect information. Learn more about association in my article about chunking. Make sure to leverage that when you need to remember something in the long-term.

Step 1: Sample Google Keep or Apple Notes

With mind maps, creativity can be heavily enhanced. As we saw, the fact that you can think freely, combined with the use of visuals, create the perfect environment for your mind to jump around and to produce new ideas. This is why mind maps are an amazing tool when you are trying to map out a new project more on that in the uses for mind maps section.

Due to the way mind maps are structured, it is very easy to see all the information about a concept at once. It is also much easier to find stuff, as you have the majority of the information right in front of you, in a nicely structured manner. Due to the above, it is quite easy to get the big picture of a concept, and you can still dive into the finer details the smaller branches if you want to. To begin with, creating mind maps is much more efficient than classic note-taking.

That is because you can add new information to the corresponding branch as they come, instead of having to move around your notes all the time. This was always my problem when I was borrowing notes to study. What is very important about mind mapping is that it very closely resembles the way we think.

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Our thinking is rarely linear. Instead, our mind loves to jump around from one thing to another, and associate things with each other. They are simple, fast, and fun, but still provide all the benefits and more than any other similar technique does. While all of the above are very important, this is the primary reason why mind maps are so effective. Through the use of visuals and association that we mentioned, you assist your brain to connect the information with pre-existing knowledge.

This forms the basis for deeper comprehension. Paired with better retention, it allows for a deeper and more holistic understanding of the central concept. This is also why mind maps help you study less. This is not the case with linear text notes, where you just read through them again and again, wasting a lot of time. And if at any point you want to review a particular point, mind maps make it very easy for you to find it, as we said. This is the obvious answer, and the main use of mind maps too.

When in a lecture, or when studying alone, use mind maps instead of linear text notes to capture the concept referenced. Eventually, it will be easier than classic note-taking. Start to map out what you know about the concept without help in the beginning, and it will soon become apparent which parts it is that you are missing.

Capturing Your Thoughts

You should then go and learn about those, while also completing the mind map in the process. Note that this also helps you retain the concept for longer, as you exercise recall in the beginning. Trying to recall new information is proven to be the most effective way to retain it. An interesting way that mind maps can be used is to solve specific or complex problems.

Starting with the problem, you then map out all the various aspects of it. As you note down the various obstacles you are facing, you can then map out their components. This makes it easy to identify the parts that you need help with. This is greatly paired with one of the top problem-solving strategies, called the 5W1H method.

By exploring each of this branches of the initial problem, you can more easily reach to a solution. A mind map illustrating a use for the 5W1H method. Ranging from small projects, like writing this article, to bigger ones, like a company-wide project, mind maps can be highly effective. For instance, right below you can find the mind map for this exact post. As I was familiar with the concept of mind maps from personal experience, it was easy for me to imagine the first set of branches, which actually form the outline of this post.

Learn How To Control Your Mind (USE This To BrainWash Yourself)

Then, with a substantial amount of research and my own experience, I mapped out this article in its entirety. If I want to recall something, I just go to the mind map. My not yet complete mind map on the ebook I am currently writing on learning how to learn. There will also be a second mind map soon, which will be about the non-creative side of the ebook, like design and marketing.

Step 2: Add Text, and More

These 2 mind maps together will help me manage the project in its entirety. A use of mind maps I had never heard or thought of was that of knowledge banks. Simply explained, a mind map knowledge bank is simply a replacement of that page stack of notes you have on a specific topic.

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Instead of gathering tons of pages on a topic, you can create a big mind map that will incorporate all the information in it. Just note that, because these can get very big, this use of mind maps is best along with software-based mind maps, and not paper-based ones. It is very effective to have someone create a mind map of the meeting as it unfolds, and then share it with the attendees, or whoever needs to see it. Mind maps are ideal for summarizing information , and can easily serve as a tool to capture ideas, concepts, and quotes from a book. Instead of keeping notes on the book, you can create a mind map as you read it to capture what strikes you as interesting.

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It then becomes easy to review the main concepts of the book, and prevents you from having to reread it in the future. Another way that mind maps can be used is for brainstorming. During a brainstorming session, a lot of ideas are being thrown around. That can result in losing some of them, or even to not making any progress as you may just be moving around in circles with your ideas.

By mapping out the ideas, you can create a very basic sense of structure, which you can then enhance after the brainstorming session is over. Read more here about how to use mind maps for brainstorming.