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That changed on August 3, , when Habyarimana signed the Arusha Accords, which weakened the Hutu hold on Rwanda and allowed Tutsis to participate in the government, which greatly upset Hutu extremists. Although it has never been determined who was truly responsible for the assassination, Hutu extremists profited the most from Habyarimana's death.

Within 24 hours after the crash, Hutu extremists had taken over the government, blamed the Tutsis for the assassination, and begun the slaughter. The killings began in Rwanda's capital city of Kigali. The Interahamwe "those who strike as one" , an anti-Tutsi youth organization established by Hutu extremists, set up roadblocks. They checked identification cards and killed all who were Tutsi. Most of the killing was done with machetes, clubs, or knives. Over the next few days and weeks, roadblocks were set up around Rwanda.

On April 7, Hutu extremists began purging the government of their political opponents, which meant both Tutsis and Hutu moderates were killed. This included the prime minister. When ten Belgian U. This caused Belgium to start withdrawing its troops from Rwanda. Over the next several days and weeks, the violence spread.

At last we know why the Columbine killers did it.

Since the government had the names and addresses of nearly all Tutsis living in Rwanda remember, each Rwandan had an identity card that labeled them Tutsi, Hutu, or Twa , the killers could go door to door, slaughtering the Tutsis. Men, women, and children were murdered. Since bullets were expensive, most Tutsis were killed by hand weapons, often machetes or clubs. Many were often tortured before being killed. Some of the victims were given the option of paying for a bullet so that they'd have a quicker death. Also during the violence, thousands of Tutsi women were raped.

Some were raped and then killed, others were kept as sex slaves for weeks.

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Some Tutsi women and girls were also tortured before being killed, such as having their breasts cut off or had sharp objects shoved up their vagina. Thousands of Tutsis tried to escape the slaughter by hiding in churches, hospitals, schools, and government offices. These places, which historically have been places of refuge, were turned into places of mass murder during the Rwandan Genocide. One of the worst massacres of the Rwandan Genocide took place on April 15 to 16, at the Nyarubuye Roman Catholic Church, located about 60 miles east of Kigali. Here, the mayor of the town, a Hutu, encouraged Tutsis to seek sanctuary inside the church by assuring them they would be safe there.

Then the mayor betrayed them to the Hutu extremists. The killing began with grenades and guns but soon changed to machetes and clubs. Campbell, A. Men, Women, and Aggression. New York: Basic Books.

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What Made It Okay for God to Kill Women and Children In the Old Testament?

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Galvin, A. Macdonald, Gaw, A. Bernstein, Goldberg, C. Speaking with the Devil. New York: Viking.

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