Garage Sale Tips and Treasures: Organizing, Marketing and What to Look for at Garage Sales

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Once you drop it at a donation center, ask for a receipt. File this away to use for a tax deduction for charitable donations on your income taxes. Pro Tip : If you have large items left over, like a couch or a TV set, consider selling them on Craigslist. All Rights Reserved. Money Crashers. About Money Crashers. Recent Stories.

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale – Tips for Pricing Items

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She blames her extreme passion for never paying full price on two parents that taught her that a penny saved is two pennies if invested wisely. Next Up on Money Crashers. We all like to think of ourselves as rational consumers.

Use Garage Sale Listing Sites to Market Your Event

Latest on Money Crashers. Sign Up For Our Newsletter. See why , people subscribe to our newsletter. Make Money Explore. Manage Money Explore. Organizing your items will make it easier to price them. Organization will also help setting up your items on garage sale day. Be Responsible. Check all items with an eye to safety.

If in doubt, throw it out. Examine children's toys for breakage.

Download Your Garage Sale Planning Checklist

Old lamps with frayed cords or small appliances that give off a burny smell belong in the trash, not in peoples living rooms. Cribs, car seats and other child-centric products that are 20 years old may not meet safety standards of today. Protect other families like you protect your own! Spritz it Up. A little elbow grease can yield big bucks.

Clean, fresh-smelling clothing hung on hangers command a higher price than stained and rumpled items dumped in a pile on a table or in a box. Stuffed toys are kid magnets. Especially if they are dealing with a whiny kid. Wash the toys and add extra softener to the dryer for an inviting fragrance. To Price or Not to Price. Pricing items before the sale will make you money. It will also help you think through values and develop a pricing strategy.

Use round numbers. It will also speed thing up at the checkout table. They should be big enough to be easily found and read by old people who may not have their reading glasses. For larger items like furniture or gym equipment, use a larger piece of paper. The bigger the item, the higher the price requiring a bigger sign. Big and bold does it. Beg, borrow, or When you run out of tables, find narrow strips of plywood, shelving or wooden planks that can be placed on saw horses or sturdy boxes to display smaller items.

Brandit: You too can be a Garage Sale Guru! Garage Sale Tips for Garage Sale Success

Tables make it easy to display your treasures as attractively as possible. As items sell, keep the tables looking attractive by filling empty spots. This is a great job for kids.

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Make garage sale cruisers brake to a screeching halt, park and come in due to smart merchandizing. Place large furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, bikes, portable basketball hoops or other items where they are easy to see. Some men abhor stopping at garage sales. Help their spouses by placing bait like sports equipment or tools where men can see them. Make it easy for people to flip through your music. Place your CDs, albums or cassette tapes in sturdy boxes.

Cut the top flaps off so buyers can easily see the album titles and covers. If you have units organize them into styles - rock, country, classical, pop or gospel. Do the same thing with books. Finally, have an electric cord available for people to try out your blender, lamp or radio. Have a few different size batteries available for toys or electronic gear.

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Choose a name and use it consistently. The name will be central to your marketing. Advertise your sale online for free. Spread the news of your sale by word of mouth to co-workers, friends, family — anyone who might be interested. Show Me the Money. Have a specific table called your checkout table. Use an old fishing tackle box, tool box, muffin tins or plastic food storage containers to organize money exchange. A calculator will speed up volume transactions. Before the day of your sale get a variety of bills and coins so that you never run out.

Eliminate temptation. As the amount of cash grows, periodically place larger bills in a safe place like a fanny pack. Check which sporting events are being held in the area. Your aim is to have as little competition as possible.

Digging for Treasures at Garage Sales & Thrift Stores!

Though many of us have boxes and bins full of items we hope to sell or donate some day, there are sellable items lurking in every room of your home. Garage sale experts suggest that you go through your entire home, room-by-room, evaluating your belongings. When you find an item, you want to include in the sale, slap a price sticker on it and place it in a box. The last thing you need is to sell that dresser where Grandpa stashed his life savings. The most effective is online advertising, so create an ad, with lots of compelling photos, and post it on craigslist.

The easiest way to do this is as you set them out on the sales floor. Cross the items off the list as they are sold. Sketch it out on a piece of paper, drawing tables and making notations of which types of items will go on which tables. Ensure that folks will have room to maneuver around and between your displays. Most garage and yard sale experts agree that large items you think will be most popular should be located closest to the entrance, where they will be easy to see from the street, and locate smaller, easy-to-pocket items in an area where a helper will be stationed.

Two final notes: Locate electrical items near an outlet, or have an extension cord handy so that customers can test them. Plastic grocery bags are ideal and boxes are suitable for larger items.

Top 10 Marketing Tips to Learn from Yard Sales

Impulse buying is a reality, so display some small but fun, inexpensive items at the checkout area. If you have no intention of opening the sale for early birds, say so in your ads. The folks at getrichslowly. Powered by WPeMatico. Let's Talk! Cape Cod Runs Whether triathlons or road races are more your speed, Cape Cod hosts a variety of runs benefiting a number of worthy causes. Here is our list of Cape Cod runs in our area.