FEAR COMES: Eight Short Stories, Long on Fear

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It's usually accompanied with some banal dialogue about "making up for what we did" even when the characters in question haven't done anything that bad. This horrifically cheesy premise hit a boiling point in the Season 8 midseason premiere, which was all about the group of survivors filming a public service announcement documentary about helping people so that other survivors would know what they were about and contact them if they needed help.

As noted above, how this was accomplished is beyond me. While we don't get to watch the entire finished product , what there is of the video is painfully cheesy. I'm embarrassed for all the actors this season. Then there are the trees Alicia finds, which so enthrall her that she's out painting trees of her own instead of, I dunno, helping refine oil into gasoline or at least protect the people sweating away in the hot Texas sun doing it for her.

Pretty much everything about Morgan has become cheesy, with his endless preachy nonsense. Al is also a one-note character at this point, so obsessed with taping everything that it's like she's forgotten why she's doing it in the first place. I was going to do a separate bullet point on how all the characters are terrible now, but I'll just wrap it into this one.

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And on and on like that. Ultimately, everyone just feels the same. They're all out to help people. This robs us of any potential conflict between main characters and makes the show even more boring. Sure, the show pretends that gas is scarce and then sets up the oil fields conflict around that, but as noted above, gas isn't really scarce. Nor are many other things, including:. The story itself has been really tough to follow this season, partly for all the reasons listed above, but mostly because of strange narrative decisions.

For instance, we learn about the oil fields at the end of the first half of the season, but by the start of the second half of the season Morgan's group has a functional oil refinery in operation. Logan's motivation has never been particularly clear, and it wasn't really until Episode the one in which he dies--that we learn enough backstory to really start to understand his character.

Why wait so long to give us this information? So sure, the beginning of the season starts with them crashing a plane, which is an exciting way to start a season, but then we never really fully understand why they needed the plane to begin with except for flimsy stuff about "roads being out" when we're talking about Texas, which has multiple roads to get just about anywhere. We also don't know how they got a plane to begin with. The oil fields stuff , and the entire conflict with Logan, is where the show really fails to explain anything, however.

And since Logan and his thugs never do anything actually bad beyond shooting up a motorcycle, it's hard to really understand what's going on. I could probably go on and on and on, as I've been feeling pretty bitter about the way this show has betrayed its audience. It was never the greatest show on TV, though it did have a terrific third season. But at least in Season 1 and Season 2, the frustrating stuff was offset by some truly interesting characters in interesting conflicts and cool locales. The group moved from a Los Angeles on fire to a swanky yacht and water zombies to a villa in Mexico that had some deep dark secrets lurking beneath, to a Mexican hotel, to the Otto's ranch and then finally to the dam and the showdown there.

In my clinical experience, these fears have roots in childhood and adolescence.

Flat roads and flat plains and the occasional sparse woods. We have three episodes of Season 5 remaining.

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Suddenly the entire storyline has shifted from a very odd conflict with Logan to this new group of cowboy types I'm calling the Pioneers. I have very little faith that anything will improve in Season 5, and without some serious changes, Season 6 promises to be more of the same.

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What a shame. That show went from an interesting story about a group of rugged survivors, to a show bogged down in intra-community strife. So once again, our heroes emerge unscathed, nobody dies, everything is fine. Everyone has the same motivations, the same desires, the same outlook on the world. I write about video games, TV and movies. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Credit: AMC.

First edition cover. JJ is the new kid in town, and works at Florian's diner to pay the bills. One night, the cool kids give him a chance to be their friend -- but in order to join their club he has to kill someone.

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Vince Romero has been watching Ivanna Romanoff, and tonight is the night he's going to seduce her. The two head to a graveyard to be alone, but it seems like Vince might have bitten off more than he can chew.

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  • When Phil's rich parents drag him and his siblings to Lectus, a private planet that only the wealthiest can live on, they're expecting to relax. But a girl named Etchenia says that something terrible once happened here, and it will happen again soon. Could the strange light in the sky and disappearances be connected to Etchenia's warning?

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    On her first day in Entrails, Michigan, Hannah is approached by her new neighbour for a babysitting job. But there's something strange about Mrs. Perfect and her family -- and their house is even stranger. And Hannah can hear a baby crying, a baby that Mrs. Perfect denies being there. Can she get to the bottom of things before it's too late? Dax's younger brother, Jon, is afraid of the dark. Jon says that the "shadow children", shadowy creatures in the dark, will come and get him if the lights are out.

    Dax never believed his stories, but it turns out Jon has been right all along. Dax will have to rescue his brother from the mysterious domain of the shadow children if he wants them both to survive the night. During a string of robberies and burglaries, a poison ring is stolen. A teenager notices a woman wearing the ring and follows her to a retirement home , where the teenager is kidnapped.

    A man takes two hostages from a school classroom. He shoots one of them, Savannah, in the head, killing her. Savannah's soul leaves her body, but she's still here. Sensing that the man plans on killing the other hostage, takes action. Can Savannah save the other girl before it's too late? Elizabeth discovers during her babysitting job that when the boy she is babysitting thinks about creatures he calls "creepers", they come to life.

    During the night, these creepers enter the house and start choking Elizabeth before the boy imagines them away.

    The Pineys, a group of people who live in the forest, determine two men have been dumping toxic waste on their property. But "Piney Power" has a little more meaning than Levi Coffins, an outsider, knows. Are The Pineys new friends? Or is there something else at play? Nina works at a department store, and every night she calls the local radio station asking them to play "The Night Hunter". It's her favorite song, written about a local legend who helps people in need. But tonight, Nina is kidnapped by a man wearing a clown mask after she bungles his robbery of a nearby bank.

    Could it be that the Night Hunter is real after all? And can he find Nina in time? Marlon is promised his college tuition will be paid for after he steals valuable computer chips in a safe at the headquarters of a company. He wants out of his life of crime, and Princeton is waiting. But this simple heist is getting more complicated by the second, and if Marion screws up, he's in big trouble. Because today is his birthday, and he's officially eligible for real prison.

    When Soo-ling uses her spraypaint, she feels like she's making a difference in L.

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    She gets strange visions of disasters, and it seems like a symbol passed down from her mother is the only way to prevent them.