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It contains originals—including perhaps the first version of the Leave it to Me—and is overall heavy on brandy. The substitute of scotch may simply be an availability adaptation to s London. In , Paul dramatically updated his book, again self-publishing. The new book is hardcover, and expanded to 78 pages from 61 , and includes recipes for drinks up from This time, Paul alphabetized the recipes and included a categorical index. Various advertisers underwrote the printing costs, and even more equipment illustrations were included from the same artists as before.

Sugary Drinks in America: Who's Drinking What and How Much?

And as far as I can tell, that was the last edition of his book that Charlie Paul produced. There may be more. They all have a different selection of product images, and the pages were re-set for each no attempt to save money.

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Those who say drinking has been a cause of trouble in their family are somewhat more likely to say moderate drinking is harmful than are those for whom drinking hasn't caused trouble. There are few meaningful differences in attitudes about the effects of moderate drinking by major demographic group. Americans under age 35 are somewhat more likely to say moderate drinking is harmful rather than healthy.

One's level of formal education seems to make little difference in these views.

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Eric Rimm of Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health -- and a noted authority on the health consequences of lifestyle choices -- on a recent Gallup podcast. But Rimm noted that making a decision on drinking needs to be done in conjunction with all other background factors, particularly those related to cancer.

And he, like most other authorities, does not advocate taking up drinking just for its presumed health benefits. The Mayo Clinic maintains a similar stance, stating that "moderate alcohol use has possible health benefits, but it's not risk-free," while the official government guidelines on diet and nutrition firmly state that "The Dietary Guidelines does not recommend that individuals who do not drink alcohol start drinking for any reason.

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Adopting a more negative tone than other authorities, the government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says: "Although past studies have indicated that moderate alcohol consumption has protective health benefits e. While some studies have found improved health outcomes among moderate drinkers, it's impossible to conclude whether these improved outcomes are due to moderate alcohol consumption or other differences in behaviors or genetics between people who drink moderately and people who don't.

A better question might be, why do Americans love ice so much?

Given the caution among health authorities -- informed by the understanding that drinking in excess has potentially dangerous consequences -- it makes sense that most Americans are not convinced that moderate drinking in and of itself would be good for their health. On the other hand, the majority of Americans, including drinkers particularly, don't think that moderate drinking is bad for their health either.

These findings are consistent with recommendations that Americans may want to drink alcohol in moderation for personal pleasure and social reasons, but that they not choose to do so because it will benefit their health. Our Planet.

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